Terms and Booking Conditions

All offers of accommodation are subject to availability and no accommodation can be reserved until your deposit of £200 has been paid. This deposit is non returnable and to be paid within seven days of your telephone or internet booking. Bookings can only be accepted from persons over 21 years of age. The booking is for a maximum of 4 people with a maximum of 2 fishing, or at our discretion 3 fishing. Only the people on the original booking form will be accepted, if you wish to change this you must let us know at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival here.
The balance of your holiday must be paid in the following way: 50% of the outstanding balance at least sixteen weeks prior to departure. The remaining portion paid at least eight weeks prior to departure date. All payments are to done by direct bank transfer to the account we will give you when you book with us. Non receipt will result in cancellation.

We accept no responsibility for any problems with travel arrangements, this includes delays, flight cancellations etc. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct and up-to-date travel documents. All persons must have a 10 year passport, which is valid at least 3 months beyond their travel date. You are also required to carry a European Health Insurance Card (this replaced the E111 form).
We will not be held liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: Political unrest, Riots, Port closures, Airport terminal closures, Strikes, Industrial disputes, War or Threat of, Terrorist activity, Technical or weather problems to transportation, Fire, Flood, Acts of God, or any other events beyond our control.

If you cancel the holiday we reserve the right, unless we can re-let the accommodation and lake, to obtain rental in full. You are subject by law to pay full rental if the vacancy cannot be re-let. With this in mind we suggest you take out your travel insurance now allowing for your policy to cover this.

All parties or individuals within that party / group / family travelling to Woodpecker Pool MUST HAVE full personal and medical insurance. The party/family leader is deemed to be the person signing the original booking form. It is their responsibility to ensure that all names on this booking form or travelling in his/her party have full cover. By signing the booking form the party leader also confirms that it is with full understanding. Woodpecker Pool will not accept persons without this cover.

In event of cancellation of any booking by Woodpecker Pool, their liability is limited to a full refund of all monies paid to them and no others.

Woodpecker Pool cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property however caused.

All accommodation is available AFTER 13.30pm on the day commencing your holiday and must be vacated By 9.00am on the day of your departure and left in the same condition as you found it, clean and tidy. If left unclean and untidy and there is any damage you will lose your breakage deposit and if this does not cover the full amount required, further action will be taken to recoup any and all such losses.

Accident damage deposits are normally returned within fourteen days from the day of your departure vacated providing everything has been left as it was found by direct bank transfer to the account you have given us at the time of your booking.

If you have any complaint of any nature please make this known within 12 hours of arrival.

Doug and Sue Summers will make themselves known on your arrival. We are here to make certain your holiday is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Further copies of our terms and conditions are freely available on request.
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