Rules and Regulations

In order for you to understand our rules and regulations you must first be aware that the fish whatever species always come first as do all wildlife and surroundings. The fish contained in this lake give pleasure to you the angler and will give pleasure to many more so we see no reason why their existence should be threatened or harm come to them in any way.

The following are strict rules and checks will be made during your holiday to make sure they are carried out to the letter.

We make no apologies as any reasonable angler will understand, however if you feel these rules are not to your liking then we suggest you check out other places to fish in France.

Hooks, Line and Rigs


SHORT SHANK WIDE GAPE BARBLESS HOOKS only for all species of fish, no other hook pattern is allowed so please do not bring them. If in any doubt about a particular hook pattern please speak to us before you come here. Size 6 or a maximum size 4 are recommended.



No Braided main line except on marker or spod rods.

A minimum of 15lb Breaking Strain Line must be used.

COATED BRAIDED HOOK LINKS ONLY such as Kryston Mantis, Suffix Sheath Skin or the Korda brands, etc 25lb Breaking Strain, nothing less.

No ordinary braid, nylon or fluoro carbon hook links.



All terminal set ups must have at least 50cm of tubing, safe zone leader or lead core leader above the hook link, if in doubt of how to use lead core please ask us. There must be nothing (beads etc) on the tubing or leaders above the hook link swivel.

Running or Semi Fixed Rigs only either inline or clips, if in doubt ASK US.

3 ounces is the maximum allowed lead weight; NO LEADS over this weight are to be used.

Fish Care and Handling

No Carp Sacks or Keepnets.

All angler's must have with them and use carp care antiseptic like Klinic,Medicarp or the Korda Carp Care Kit etc on all hook wounds or any other damage on the fish. Things like BONJELA must not be used.

Only the Carp Cradles and Unhooking mats we supply are to be used, leave yours at home. All carp must be placed in the cradles provided and must be thoroughly wetted before any fish is put in there, under no circumstances must they be placed on the flat mats, these are for catfish only.

Before handling any fish please remove watches and bracelets etc.

All fish to be returned to the lake as quickly as possible.

All fish to be photographed first kneeling down with the fish over the cradle or mat or take the pictures in the lake. NEVER stand up with the fish, then weigh the fish and return it straight away to the lake in the weigh sling. Open the sling and allow the fish to recover and swim off on its own when ready. NEVER weigh any fish in a landing net.

No fish to be carried in your hands to or from the lake, all fish to be carried in the weigh sling.


No Particle Baits, Nuts or Dog Food Supplement are allowed i.e. things like Vitalin.

Sweetcorn is perfectly fine.

No dips, oils or products like Goo are allowed.

No Plastic or artificial baits.

Only good quality Boilies are to be used, the cheaper type semolina Boilies are not acceptable, if in doubt please check with us.

General Angling Rules

No Angler is allowed to be more than 15 metre's from their rods and sorry no fishing at night this is due to the size of our Catfish.

Three rod limit is the maximum per person or 6 rods for the lake.

No boats are allowed on the lake except for our own rowing boat, if you use the boat please leave it clean and tidy. BAIT BOATS are allowed without restriction and we recommend that you use one. By signing our booking form you agree no liability can or will be placed on Sue or Doug Summers or Woodpecker Pool for any boating accident. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught up on something in the lake please do not pull for a break but go out in the boat and retrieve the tackle or if you would prefer not to then ask us and we will go out and get it.

No fixed Markers i.e. H Block, canes or any other type of fixed markers are allowed to be put into the lake.

Do not block the driveway to the accommodation. Access must be observed at all times.

No children under the age of 16 are allowed to fish on their own. At all times a responsible adult must accompany them and have them sitting next to them.

General Rules

If you want anyone to visit you whilst you are here we must be informed well in advance, not when they arrive.

Never leave litter, inc. line, hooks, bottles, or cigarette butts. Use dustbins provided. Any glass or glass bottles are to be taken to the bottle bank, this is YOUR RESPONSABILITY not ours.

All naked flames are banned at this location. Never bring candles or Barbeques as these constitute a serious fire hazard. NEVER bring a generator.

Never remove any overhanging branches from trees.

No firearms of any description are allowed on site, if we see these you will be told to leave immediately without recompense.

Always park your vehicles in allocated area. NEVER PARK IN SWIMS OR ON THE DRIVE.

Never take bedding from the accommodation to the lake, you will forfeit your deposit!

Never wander on other people's property and always obey the country code.

Never leave litter and always use the bins provided at the accommodation.

No illegal substances or drugs are allowed at Woodpecker Pool. If you wish to use these you are not welcome at Woodpecker Pool.

We allow glass bottles lakeside but it is your responsibility to dispose of these at the bottle banks. Never put these in the rubbish sacks. Anyone drinking in our eyes excessively will be asked to leave the premises without refund; this is for the protection of our property and fish. If you want to get drunk then this is not the place for you.

Only persons registered with Woodpecker Pool are allowed at accommodation or lakeside.

And finally, no undue noises please, no shouting across the lake and please keep your bite alarms volume to a reasonable level, remote systems are preferred.

Any breaking or bending of any rules will lead to the instant termination of the whole group’s holiday without recompense.

Please note these rules are subject to change. Notification at least 28 days prior to departure will apply to tackle / method changes.

Notification of minor points will be at the time of your arrival.

When in doubt PLEASE ASK!



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