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Doug and Sue owners of Woodpecker Pool - Exclusive Carp Fishing in France

Welcome, we are Sue and Doug Summers the owners of Woodpecker Pool - Exclusive Carp Fishing in France, you can see us pictured opposite, you will speak to us if you ring our contact numbers, we assure you of our best attention at all times.

We originally come from Cheshire up there in the North West of England, its not all cloth cap and clogs though!!!

I have been an angler for over 50 years and still love it as much today as when I first started fishing. I am an all round angler and I started fishing for carp in the mid 60s but had several breaks along the way to fish for other species such as specimen bream and tench on the Cheshire and Shropshire Meres. I have always been involved with angling clubs in one form or another, as a Bailiff, committee member and my last position was as Secretary/Treasurer for Wheelock Angling Society In these roles I was heavily involved not only with the normal jobs but with the fishery management side of things and I feel quite proud of what I have achieved.

I have traveled around the world to fish, Ireland to fish for the bream and tench, France for carp and catfish, America and Canada for carp, India for the Mahseer, Canada for the White Sturgeon and Kazakhstan for Wels Catfish, but nowadays I enjoy my carp and catfish fishing in France.

Up until 2001 I had worked for nearly 30 years for a multi national Industrial Gas company (the one that supplies the fuel for the space shuttle and the European space program the Ariane here in France amongst others) In January 2001 I had the opportunity to take early retirement and jumped at the chance as this would then give my wife Sue and I the opportunity to do some of the things we had always wanted to do but never had the time.

Sue my wife has not only been a mother to our children but she also worked for several years doing various jobs, she has always been the steadying influence and has always supported me in the things I have done through my life. Sue loves nature and the countryside, she is not an angler in the true sense of the word but she has wet a line a few times catching carp in America and White Sturgeon in Canada and has netted several specimens for me over the years including my biggest ever carp. Sue like me is totally committed to Woodpecker Pool and works tirelessly in keeping the accommodation up to the best standards for our clients. She loves being involved and looking after the ladies that come with their angling husbands and friends, taking several of them on shopping trips and site seeing.

We look forward to welcoming you to Woodpecker Pool to fish for our Carp and Catfish and assure you of our best attention at all times.

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