Newsletter October 2012

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter October 2012

Welcome to our final newsletter of 2012, we cannot believe that another wonderful season is over, wonderful it has been for so many people as well as us with some tremendous fish being banked, lots of personal bests and several new lake records that carried on to the end of the season. Where will it all end I here you say, well who knows all we can do is manage the water and whatever the fish do is a bonus, we try our best to give them the best environment and best food we can for them to thrive, the rest is down to them. So now onto the final catch reports for 2012.

Following on from Cid Ross were the Cheshire Ratcatchers, Jan, Steve, Lisa and Chris, good friends and good angler's so we were hoping for a good result and as always they didn't disappoint. Only Steve and Chris fishing they had a total of 38 fish including best Mirror of 43lb 1oz, best Common 43lb 4oz, best Grass Carp 30lb 7oz and to top it off best Catfish and NEW LAKE RECORD to Chris of 104lbs, wow what a fish, congratulations. Again both angler's had PBs.

The total weight was 1241lb for an average of 32lb 10oz, another great week and thank you all for your company once again.

Our next angler's were Duncan and Adam, I have known Duncan for a number of years so it was nice to have him come here and to catch up after such a long time. It was Adam's first time fishing in France so we hoped they would both have a good week. The fishing was very inconsistent with the fish still having a very plentiful natural larder, preferring that to bait, but as it turned out they both had some lovely fish, 18 in all, including a number of Pike as they were live baiting for the catfish, the pike had become very active due to the cooling temperatures so it made getting through to the catfish difficult to say the least but they both had one good catfish each of 102lb and 100lb, this is the first time two different catfish of 100lb or over have been landed in one week, absolutely brilliant. The best Mirror was 40lb 10oz and the best Common and NEW LAKE RECORD to Adam of 44lb 3oz, what a magnificent fish, well done. Adam on his first visit to France is now AKA PB!!

The total weight was 573lb 4oz with an average of 31lb 10oz. Thank you both for your company during the week and thank you for the lovely meal you invited us to share with you. We look forward to seeing you both in the future.

Our final two weeks of this season we had good friends Elsie, Terry and Anthony here, so what would their time here have in store for them as the fishing was still very patchy. Their first week was somewhat up and down but they had some nice fish, 14 in total, including best Mirror of 42lb 8oz, best Common 23lb 8oz and best Catfish of 94lb, this fish was caught on a float as Anthony had gone off stalking hoping to try and pick up an odd carp, needless to say when he hooked the catfish an epic battle ensued but eventually with Terry's help (above and beyond the call of duty I say!!!) the monster was landed. I dare say I will get some stick off Ant the next time I see him!!

The total weight was 489lb 12oz for an average of 35lb.

The second week was a little bit more consistent, they had a total of 19 fish including one Catfish of 81lb, the best Mirror was 42lb and best Common 27lb 2oz. The total weight was 672lb 13oz for an average of 35lb 7oz.

Terry and Anthony did not fish the last two days of their holiday as I had arranged to do two days netting at two other lakes so they offered to come along and help out which Jim and I were extremely grateful for as it was two days of real hard graft but the end results were more than worth it. Thank you all for your company and for giving up your last two days to help us out with the netting and all your hard work, we cannot thank you enough. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

The end of another fantastic season and we would like to thank you all for your company and custom again this year, for the way you have looked after the fish, accommodation and grounds and we look forward to seeing all of you who are coming in 2013, until then stay healthy and happy and tight lines to those of you who brave the winter elements in pursuit of your passion.

All the very best for now.

Sue & Doug





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