Newsletter November 2008

End of season news from Woodpecker Pool

Well we have now reached the end of our third season, again a very successful one thanks to you our loyal customers and also the new faces that have come to us this year, you make all our hard work to keep the fishery and grounds in top condition worth while. 

Since the last newsletter the weather has been on average pretty good, not as warm as we have known it out here but not a lot of rain and plenty of sunshine, anyway lets now move onto the thing you want to read about most the fishing results.

Last time we left it with Ron, Kath, Steve, Rodney and Eric (Ron's Dad) here and I said the results looked as if they were going to be good, but how good, they were exceptional with a new lake record Mirror and also the record total weight for one weeks fishing here.

Week one with Ron, Kath only fishing odd times, Steve and Rodney fishing but not 24/7 and Eric just enjoying the surroundings and the days out they all had.

They had a great week with a total of 62 fish including a lot of 20s and 30s carp including the new lake record Mirror of 39lb 13oz to Ron, well done Ron. The best Common was 33lb 12oz and the best Catfish was 64lb 5oz. The total weight was 1678lb 1oz with an average of 27lb 6oz.

Week two saw an even better week weight wise with a total of 75fish, again with a lot of 20s and 30s carp with the best Mirror being 35lb 14oz, best Common 23lb 10oz and the best Catfish 62lb 13oz, the total weight for the week was a staggering 2007lb 10oz for an average of 27lb 8oz.

Congratulations on such a great result and we look forward to seeing you all again next time.

Just one other thing Ron and Kath have just recently set up a new Catfish tackle and bait company if you would like to have a look at their web site the address is Ron and Kath have put quite a bit about Woodpecker Pool on there.

7th September we welcomed here for their first time, Dennis Phillips along with friends Jamie Davey and Tony Chang. Tony is not a carp angler as he prefers normally to fish for Salmon so this was a major change for him.

They all had a great week catching some very nice fish, in total they had 35 including again a lot of 20s and 30s carp. The best Mirror was 36lb 4oz, no common's and only one Catfish of 25lb.

The total weight was 901lb with an average of 25lb 2oz.

We are pleased you all enjoyed your week and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

On the 13th September we welcomed for their first time here Christine Marks, Neil Mattingley and Neil's Mum and Dad, Joan and Peter. This was also their first time fishing in France and are relatively new to carp fishing so how did their week pan out. Well they had some lovely fish, 31 in all, again a lot of 20s and 30s carp with the best mirror at 38lb 4oz, best Common 38lb 12oz and the best Catfish at 35lb 4oz. The total weight was 932lb 2oz for an average of 30lb.

We were not around all the time for this week as it was our normal pilgrimage week to fish La Folie just 10 miles up the road (phew that's a long way) with our friends Steve and Jan. Sorry we had a few water problems while you were here Christine and thank you for your patience with us being away but we managed to sort everything out the following morning when we could get the parts required. These things never seem to happen when the shops are open to get spares.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Woodpecker Pool breaks the 40lb barrier for a Mirror, not once but twice in 3 weeks and also a new lake record Common.

20th September and we welcomed back for the second time this year Mark and Jenny Brown. They came earlier on in the year with another couple but this time were on their own so how would they do this time around. They had an excellent week catching a total of 46 fish including a NEW LAKE RECORD MIRROR and Woodpecker's first forty at 44lb 2oz, absolutely wonderful, well done Mark our congratulations go to you on catching such a great fish. The best Common was 37lb 12oz and the best Catfish was 65lb 4oz, personal bests for both Jenny and Mark. Jenny doesn't fish normally but got into it in the week and landed her first ever fish and also her first thirty, well done.

The total weight for the week was 1344lb 7oz for an average of 29lb 2oz, they did not fish 24/7 and only ever had three rods out, that is a real result, congratulations.

To add to the celebrations of the pool producing its first forty pound carp back in April 2007 three guys I know came to fish here and when they were leaving they gave us a bottle of champagne but the condition was that it could not be opened until the lake produced its first forty, we cracked the bottle and toasted you all, thank you once again Lee, Peter and John and look forward to seeing you all next year.

27th September and it was the turn of first timers here Jim Parkyn, father and son Mick and Bradley Joyce and Martin Thompson.

This was a very strange week indeed as the fish did not seem to respond no matter what they tried, only one carp caught a Common of 36lb, the blue and diamond sturgeon and one small catfish, this was a nice one as it was an albino, the second albino catfish from the lake as Terry Ringshall had one earlier in the season, I did not mention Terry's fish at the time as it was put in the stock pond by mistake when unfortunately we were out for the day and thought that this fish would probably be eaten by the bigger catfish in there before we drain it down in November, we still don't know if this one is still alive but the one that Jim caught was returned to the lake so hopefully it will survive, only time will tell.

I don't know what happened this week but we are sorry that you had such a slow week, I know you said it didn't matter as you had all enjoyed the week but hopefully if you come back again the fish will be more obliging.

Now to the final weeks of the season and we welcomed back the Whiley family, Chris, Tracy, Christopher and Nathan, would their time here be productive after the last weeks performance on the fishes part.

They caught 52 fish in total, a few less than in the previous years but some really nice fish, again with quite a lot of 20s and 30s carp, both sturgeon a few times and just two Catfish with the biggest and new personal best to Chris of 67lb 14oz and the second biggest catfish this season.

Chris also managed two other personal bests and two NEW LAKE RECORDS.

The first a stunning Mirror of 46lb 2oz, this has really blown us away and the second a Common of 38lb 15oz, absolutely wonderful, well done Chris. Young Christopher didn't miss out either with a new personal best for him, a Mirror of 38lb 7oz. Tracy and Nathan also caught some great fish also. The total weight was 1744lb 1oz for an average of 33lb 6oz, another great result and again not fishing 24/7, well done to you all.

We are sorry you had a major problem with your vehicle on the way home, but it was good of you to let us know you arrived home safe and sound in the end after all the trauma and we look forward to seeing you all again next time, hopefully without any problems.

Going away from fishing here Chris makes all his own bait and runs a small bait company back in the UK if you are interested in seeing what he supplies have a look at his web site at

Well as I said at the start the end to a wonderful season and that is down to you our customers, from Sue and I thank you all for your custom this year and for the way you have looked after the fish and the chalet and grounds while you have been here, it is really appreciated.

Our work will now start to get everything ready to welcome you all back again next year, till then stay well and enjoy your fishing in the meantime where ever that may be.

All the very best from Sue and Doug.

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