Newsletter July 2011

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter July 2011

Well here we go again with another newsletter, this seasons results have been excellent so far and since the last newsletter have carried on in the same vain, the weather also has been very dry and hot with very little rain, not good for the lake and the grounds so it is a good job the lake is spring fed. The lake levels are down but are still above the levels we saw in 2005 but we hope that we see some rain in the near future; it keeps threatening but just doesn't happen.

After the last newsletter report we had friends over from England, Kath and Pete Neary and we had taken this week off so that Pete and I could do some fishing if we felt the urge. We did a total of three afternoons in the warmest conditions, a total of 24 hours with lines in the lake and had some great fish, 16 in all including Mirrors to 44lb 12oz, one Common at 16lb 2oz and two Catfish with the best at 66lb 12oz.

Pete had several PBs including the two catfish a fish he had never caught before, a fantastic few hours spent in good company and great weather what more can you ask for. The total weight was 517lb 12oz with an average of 32lb 4oz.

Our next guests are regulars Jan and Cid Ross along with Jan’s brother Ian and his wife Grace for their first time here. Last year when Jan and Cid were here the weather was terrible and the fishing was not much better so we were really hoping that things would be a lot better this time around for them. As it turned out they had a great week with the weather and fishing, only Cid and Ian fishing and no nights fished catching a total of 30 fish including 14 x 30s. The biggest Common was 38lb 10oz, biggest Mirror 38lb 12oz, biggest Grass Carp 32lb 10oz and the biggest Catfish 84lb. The total for the week was 1013lb 10oz with an average of 33lb 12oz.

Another great week, it was lovely having you here again Jan and Cid and it was a pleasure to meet you Ian and Grace and we thank you all for your company and look forward to seeing you next time. Please pass on our best regards to Margaret, she was really missed this year.

Our next couple are also regulars here, Sue and Andy Rudduck. Andy is one of the angler’s that come here and always seem to have some mammoth battles with the catfish, this year was no exception. The first battle with a catfish this year resulted in it being landed on the island that is a first for here and Andy only ever fishes days and stops fishing just after dusk so when he hooked a catfish at 8pm it was thought that it would be landed within the hour, not so as it appeared unfortunately that it had been hooked outside of the mouth so he could not get the fishes head up which lead to a battle that lasted for over five and a half hours and the fish won the day by getting away after all that time so we did not get to see the monster from the deep. Although Andy lost that battle he had some lovely fish during the week, 32 in all including Catfish to 86lb, biggest Mirror of 38lb 4oz, biggest Common 35lb 4oz and one Grass Carp at 28lb 8oz. The catch included 11 x 30s for a total weight of 976lb 2oz with an average of 31lb 4oz. Thank you for your company again this year and we look forward to seeing you again next year and no doubt a few more battles with the Catfish. Looking forward also to seeing the pictures when you have the time to send them and I will add them to this newsletter.

Moving on to the next two weeks we had good friends Jen and Terry Ringshall, he and Andy Rudduck I hope they don’t mind me saying are the cat masters. Terry because if there is a catfish swimming in the lake there is a 99% that he will catch it, he was the first to catch one of the albino’s and has held the lake record for the species on a couple of occasions and Andy because of the epic battles he has with the species. Terry was on his own for the first week and then joined by Jen for the second week. He only fished from about 08.30am till dark so no early starts or nights fished. Part way through the first week Terry had landed an 84lb Catfish without the need to go out in the boat and the very next day he hooked a fish that tore of round the island making it necessary to take to the boat to avoid the fish cutting the line, the ironic thing was this was not a catfish but a very fit and angry 18lb mirror carp and I don’t know who was more surprised Terry or the carp but I certainly know who was more embarrassed!! So for the first week Terry had 36 fish including two Catfish with the biggest at 84lb, biggest Mirror 44lb, biggest Common 35lb 8oz and biggest Grass Carp 28lb 8oz for a total weight of 1045lb for an average of 29lb, the catch included 10 x 30s.

Terry’s second week was a bit quieter but with a few more Catfish, this accounted for the carp being a bit more illusive but he still had 24 fish including 6 Catfish, two of 85lb the same fish, two of 70lb 12oz the same fish, 67lb and 52lb, biggest Mirror of 45lb 4oz, biggest Common of 39lb 4oz and biggest Grass Carp of 30lb. The total weight was 927lb 4oz with an average of 38lb 9oz.

It was great to have your company once again it is always sad to see you go but will look forward to seeing you again next year.

Our next guests were Helen and Alan Brookes for their second visit this season, this time only Alan fishing and Helen here for the sunshine. Well the sun really shone with probably the two hottest days this year so far which did not do the fishing a lot of good to start with but the temperatures dropped to around mid 20°C and the fish got back in a feeding mood thank goodness. Alan again only fishing days had some lovely fish including two nice cod at the Fiddler’s Rest!! Quite a few of the smaller fish fed this week and Alan’s catch was 36 fish, included in the catch was just one catfish at 67lb 10oz, the biggest Mirror was 32lb 12oz, biggest Common 35lb 12oz and the best Grass Carp 27lb 4oz.

The total weight was 876lb for an average of 24lb 3oz. Thank you for your great company during the week and we look forward to seeing you and the family in August.

Well that is it for this time some lovely weather and great catches so far this year and we are looking forward to seeing those of you still to come this year.

All the very best to you all till next time.

Sue & Doug.

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