Newsletter April 2017

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter April 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the first newsletter of our new season.

Firstly Sue and I would like to say a massive thank you to those of you who have helped, supported and stayed loyal to us through a very difficult couple of years with my health problems and the problems we have had with the lake. It is really nice now to be able to say that we and Woodpecker are bouncing back and the way we see it now is the only way is up once again.

We had a reasonable Winter but with some very strong winds at times which took out some very large trees, a big thank you to those who helped to clear these up.

Just before our season opened a good friend of ours Alan and myself managed to fish for 8 hours and had a great result catching 11 carp all over 20lb, 10 Mirrors and 1 Common, with the best fish at 26lb 2oz, all in lovely condition and they fought like demons. A golden day spent in great company. A few pictures of some of the fish we caught that day below, we think will speak for themselves and we are sure you will all agree.

Our first friends Lee and Peter arrived on Monday 17th of April and we had high hopes for their week as these two are very good angler's as you will probably remember from previous seasons. The weather was good when they arrived, quite warm and very little wind but as the week went on it went colder with a bitterly easterly wind but clear blue skies. In the first 31 hours of their week they caught 30 fish which was absolutely unbelievable, it slowed off after that onslaught but they still managed to catch steadily throughout the week. See below a few pictures of some of the fish they caught during their incredible week, not them all as there are too many to show here.

They had a total of 72 fish made up of 3 Catfish at 52lb 4oz, 97lb 4oz and 101lb 4oz, two Grass Carp at 17lb 4oz and 27lb, 1 Koi Mirror at 8lb 14oz, 66 Carp, 65 Mirrors and 1 Common made up of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 57 twenties with 41 of these over 24lb and 1 thirty at 30lb 12oz. An absolutely stunning catch for our first week of the season, well done guys you worked hard all week and deserved the rewards you got, we will look forward to next time but Sue says she is going to lock more of the fish up than she did this time!!

Thank you both very much for your company, all the chats and brews once again.

That is it for the fishing for the moment but as some of you already know Sue and I have now made the decision to only let out a few weeks each season starting from this year, we are getting older, yes we hear you say we all are but it does get harder every year but we still want to see people here and be able to share our piece of paradise with you. That being said if you would like to come here in 2018 please get in touch with us as we already have a few bookings.

We are looking forward now to all our other friends coming this season, until next time stay healthy and happy and tight lines to you all.

All the very best,

Sue & Doug

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