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Woodpecker Pool

Customer Comments 2015

18th April 2015 Lee, Pete and John

The week went all too quick as usual, but what a fantastic week. Top notch quality of fish, atmosphere and company down by the lake side.

Counting the days till I get back (532) Love you both so much, Lee xx

The fishing and hospitality were as usual magic.

This really is a place to relax and chill and running in the surrounding countryside is just fantastic. Pete

Another exceptional week at Woodpecker Pool. More PBs and great memories to take home.

These fish just keep on growing. Fantastic. Can't wait to return. John

25th April 2015 Terry

Another stunning week and two PBs has completely blown me away.

What these two wonderful people have achieved here is unbelievable.

Thank you Sue & Doug for being such great hosts, you are diamonds.

2nd May 2015 Terry

Just as well it slowed this week because I needed a rest! None the less another great week in Paradise.

Thanks again to two of my greatest friends, can't wait to come back.

Love you both to bits.

9th May 2015 Nicky and James

Thought we would try something different this time fishing from the pump house bank..... Completely back fired!!!

Only two fish taken in the first few days so moved to house only for the weather to get really hot!!

Still managed two lake records and 3 PBs so very happy about that.

Big thank you to Sue & Doug for being as welcoming as ever and brilliant hosts.

Who said fishing was easy hey. Thank's again.

16th May 2015 Scott and Jon

Another superb week Sue & Doug. Thanks for all your help, support, guidance and Photo skills (Sue)

No nights fished and many hours spent roach fishing and not carping.

Thanks again for everything and we look forward to seeing you both again in September 2016.

23rd May 2015 Adam, James, Dave & Glenn

Thanks Sue & Doug for another great week here.

Carp didn't want to play but luckily the cats did!

All the best. Love the boys.

13th June 2015 Jan, Cid, Sue & Chris

Great week Doug and Sue. Many thanks, see you in September.

Wow! What an introduction into lake fishing, the bestest time ever!

20th June 2015 John T & John M

Company, fishing and weather excellent! We both had a great time and enjoyed the banter and chats.

"What's your biggest fish in here mate"!!

27th June 2015 Sue, Andy, Lisa, Gavin & Jonah

Sue & Doug many thank's for a lovely week again this year.

No one could do anything about the heat wave, which put the fish off.

4th July 2015 Elsie, Terry and Anthony

Hard fishing after the fish spawned, some lovely fish caught.

Enjoyed the company and surroundings. Thank's for another great week.

11th July 2015 Elsie, Terry and Anthony

Another really hot week. Doug thank's for all your help with the fish, Sue keep the banter flying.

More great fish and wonderful wildlife. Thank's for sharing good times with us.

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