Newsletter September 2012

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter September 2012

Welcome to our September newsletter, since writing the last one in July the weather has really altered, long sunny days and virtually no rain to speak of which has been great for everyone, the fish once again have been making great use of the lakes natural larder making them very tricky to tempt at times but we have seen some good catches and some stunning fish.

Sue and I made time through the summer to watch some of the wealth of sport this year has brought us, the Tour De France, how exciting was that to see Bradley Wiggins winning the tour, probably one, if not the hardest thing to achieve. The Olympics and Paralympics these were incredible to see, Team GB really did us proud and made you feel proud to be British with all the doom and gloom these days, everyone involved showed the world what you can achieve, Rory McIlroy winning his second major and then to top it off Andy Murray winning not only a gold at the Olympics but winning his first major by winning the US Open, what a tremendous year for British sportsmen and women.

Lets now move onto the angling reports, not as big as some of the sporting achievements listed above but in the eyes of the individuals involved a great achievement for them with lots of personal bests. Just when we thought the season couldn't get any better something happens to make it even more special.

Following on from our last report we welcomed back the Turner family, Jacky, John, Molly and George not fishing 24/7 they had some lovely fish, 16 in all with the best catfish at 94lb 8oz, best mirror 40lb and best common 25lb 14oz.

Total weight was 545lb for an average of 34lb. Thank you all for your company once again and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Our next guests were a party we had not seen since 2008, James, Adam, Dave and joined by Graham for his first trip to France. Last time they were here they all had PBs so what would this week have in store for them as the fish have wised up a lot since they were last here.

Well they had a good week with all of them catching PBs. They had 30 fish in all with the best catfish at 92lb, best mirror 42lb and best common 35lb 12oz. The total weight was 976lb 4oz with an average of 32lb 8oz and 8 personal bests!! Great week guys and nice to see you again, pleasure to meet you Graham and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Next here were Alison and Gary who are good friends joined for part of the holiday by Gary Clarke who came earlier in the year. The first week they caught 30 fish, the only catfish was 54lb 5oz, best mirror 39lb 13oz and best common 30lb 13oz. The total weight was 800lb 15oz for an average of 26lb 12oz.

The second week was a bit slower with 19 fish being caught. the best catfish was 95lb 13oz, best mirror 33lb 5oz and the best common 30lb 12oz. The total weight was 482lb with an average of 25lb 6oz. Another good two weeks with some lovely fish banked and PBs. Thank you all for your company and enjoy the USA next year and we will hopefully see you all again in 2014.

Following on were once again good friends the Brookes family so how would their week unfold. They had a great week and some lovely fish and only two fishing with no nights fished and going out and about as well.

The total was 31 fish, no catfish caught, best mirror 44lb, PB for Chris and best common 41lb. The total weight was 879lb 3oz for an average of 28lb 6oz. Thank you all for your company and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Our next week and we welcomed back the Jennings family they had not been for a couple of years so it would be interesting to see what would happen for them. They had a great week with a total of 20 fish and several PBs. The best catfish was 60lb, best mirror 44lb 10oz and best common 42lb 14oz. The total weight was 639lb 4oz with an average of 33lb 10oz.

Thank you all for your company once again and it was really nice to meet baby Sophia, she is absolutely beautiful and such a contented little girl. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Well as they say if you can save the best till last then do so and that is what has happened with this newsletter. Our final report for this time we welcomed back good friends Jan, Cid and Margaret only Cid fishing and doing days only he had a total of 13 fish, some might say not a lot that but the quality of the fish caught certainly outweighs the quantity. Two forty pound mirrors to 41lb 8oz, two different commons at 42lb each and to top it off a New Lake Record Catfish of 102lbs, Woodpecker's first 100lb plus catfish absolutely brilliant. Congratulations Cid and I was very pleased to be able to assist and see such a magnificent fish be banked.

The total weight was 473lb with an average of 36lb 6oz. Thank you all for your company once again and it was lovely to see you again Margaret and to see your health is improving. We look forward to seeing you all once again next year.

A fantastic few weeks for Woodpecker which just gets better and better, thank you all for your loyalty we really appreciate it.

Just before we close we only have one week left for next year, the week beginning 31st August, if anyone is interested please get in touch.

Well that is it for this time and what a way to end, we look forward to seeing those of you who have still to come this year, so until the next time stay healthy and happy and we wish you all the very best.

Sue & Doug



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