Newsletter September 2011

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter September 2011.

Hi everyone and welcome to our latest newsletter. What happened to the last two months I will never know it only seems like yesterday since I wrote the last newsletter but as they say time flies when you are enjoying life, the older I get the more I enjoy life but the time seems to go so fast. Not a lot has changed on the weather front it has been hot and dry up to 40°c, we have had a drop of rain and a couple of storms but apart from turning the grass green again it has had no effect on the lake levels but the weather has not affected the fishing as generally it has been very good. Onto our first report and this is of the Welsh lad’s week, Chris Davies a regular here with Mike Aldworth and Jonathon Thomas for their first visit here. These are good anglers so we were expecting a good result and weren’t disappointed. They had a total of 52 fish including 21 x 20s and 19 x 30s, the best mirror was 36lb 2oz, best common 38lb 1oz, best grass carp 30lb 2oz, they also had two big catfish, the first one bottomed out their scales with a bang and we did not know their scales weren’t big enough to weigh whatever fish are in the lake so we loaned them a set of scales and they had another fish later of 84lb 8oz, Mike who had the fish told us the other one they couldn’t weigh was substantially bigger!!! So we will have to wait and see if it gets caught again this year.

The total weight for the week was 1520lb 6oz with an average of 29lb 4oz, what a great week with some stunning fish. It was great to see you again Chris, all the very best to the family and it was pleasure to meet you Mike and Jo thank you all for your company and we hope to see you all again in the future.

Our next guests were Phil and Elliot Blenkhorn and Tim, Will and Jamie Cooke and George Ellis alias spud, his first time here. Phil and Tim the two dads were not fishing just relaxing and looking after the boys. Hopes were high again this week as these lads are good anglers but with the catch last week and a lot more lines in the lake and the fish really wising up now we wondered how it would pan out. They all had some lovely fish during the course of the week, 28 in all including 15 x 20s and 6 x 30s. The best mirror was 33lb 2oz, best common 37lb and two catfish of 50lb and 84lb. 

The total weight was 797lb 7oz with an average of 28lb 8oz. It was a pleasure to see you all again and nice to meet you George, all the very best to you all.

Our next people on were the Kocher brothers Mick and Steve with their sons Mike and Jack, there second time here so how would their week go, slow I'm afraid to say, the week started with a bang and then slowed right up but still some very nice fish caught including a PB catfish to Steve at 75lb, the best mirror at 35lb and the sturgeon at its top weight of 45lb, only the second time this season that this fish has graced the bank. The total weight was 448lb 8oz with an average of 29lb 12oz. No pictures as I did not get them before you left, if you can Mick it would be appreciated if you could email them through to me. Nice to see you all again and hope everything goes well for the future.

Our next guests are regulars the Turner family, Jacky, John and the twins Molly and George they have been a few times so know exactly what to expect. Just John fishing for the carp etc, no nights fished and not all the time as they went out a few times. George and Molly fishing for the roach and rudd, they had a whale of a time catching these. We had our daughter and grandsons out when John and family were here and George and Molly had Jamie down with them for a while teaching him how to catch the roach, Sue and I thank you so much for that it was lovely of you to take the time to help Jamie. The catch for the week included 4 x 20s and 8 x 30s, no catfish, the best mirror was 38lb 10oz and the best common 30lb 6oz.

The total weight was 390lb with an average of 30lb. Thank you all for your company during the week and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

The following week we had friends Alison and Gary and Helen and Dave, Helen fishing for the roach and rudd and Gary and Dave fish for the carp etc and Alison just chilling out. Gary and Dave fishing in the day and no nights fished and they were only using 4 rods. There has been a trend this year when people who fish here rest the lake at some point during the 24 hours a day the fishing always seems to be more consistent. Well they had a good week with 31 fish caught including 11 x 20s and 10 x 30s. The best mirror was 35lb 5oz and the best common and a new PB for Gary at 38lb 1oz, there was only one catfish caught to Dave at 87lb 8oz, a new PB for him.

The total weight was 846lb 2oz with an average of 27b 4oz. Thank you all for your company during the week and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Our final report for this newsletter is our guests the Lambert family who have become friends over the years, Pat, Tom (Grandad), Sarah, Steve, Tommy and Abigail. Only Tom and Tommy fishing and they never fish hard all the time and never do any nights; they also like to get out and about also. The report for this week has stunned Sue and I as we could not in our wildest dreams have expected to see such a catch of big fish. The 22 fish catch was made up of 3 x 20s, 13 x 30s, including a couple of 39lb plus and 5 different 40s, the best part being 3 of the 40s were different Commons weighing 43lb 4oz, 43lb 12oz and 44lb, this last fish we have not seen for nearly a year, absolutely mind blowing as Woodpecker has never before produced a 40lb Common also the other 40s were two different mirrors including one new one at 40lb 12oz and 43lb 4oz. we are still in shock that our little piece of paradise has produced such stunning fish.

The total weight was 765lb for an average of 34lb 12oz. Well done Tom and Tommy a fantastic catch of fish and no more than you deserve. Thank you all for your company during the week and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Well that is it for this time there are still a few more friends to come so we will have to wait and see what happens with their weeks, until next time stay healthy and happy.

Sue & Doug   

STOP PRESS   As I write this our record for a mirror has been broken with a fish of 48lb 2oz, the full report and pictures will be in the next newsletter.


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