Newsletter September 2010

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter September 2010

Woodpecker is not all about catching monster fish, yes we do have quite a few here, but we also have a place that everyone can enjoy, young or old, fishing should be enjoyable so it is really nice when we have families here, family first then fun and fishing, surely there can be nothing better.

Since the last newsletter in July the weather has been really settled with just the odd shower and thunderstorm that really came to nothing, consequentially the lake level has fallen and for those of you that use bait boats will testify to that. The fishing has been up and down especially for those angler's who only fish daylight hours as quite a number of the fish have been caught through the night, early morning and late evening but some weeks the fish have obliged by feeding right through the day. So let us move onto the catches over the last few weeks.

3rd July and we welcomed back Dennis and Bradley Phillips and for the first time here Barry Watts. They had some nice fish during the week 18 in all including best Mirror of 32lb 2oz, best Common 25lb 10oz, 3 Grass Carp to 29lb 3oz. No Catfish or Sturgeon were caught. The total weight was 370lbs with an average of 20lb 10oz. Thank you for your company once again and sorry you could not make it this time Jamie and look forward to seeing you all next year.

The following week we saw the return of the Turner family, Jacky, John, Molly and George. A tough week fishing wise but a few nice fish hit the bank including best Mirror of 38lb 11oz, best Common 31lb 11oz, 1 Grass Carp off 31lb 10oz. No Catfish again and the Sturgeon out twice. Molly and George did some fishing for the roach and really enjoyed it.

The total weight was 282lb with an average of 35lbs. It was nice to see you all again and for your company during the week, sorry the fishing was a bit tough John. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

The next week we had friends, Kerry, Rob and the boys with Claire and Mark. Rob is the guy who has done a lot of work for us with the trees over the last few years, this year in April he took down 37 large firs for us, Sue and I can't thank you enough mate for all your hard work. They had one of the best weeks we have seen for a while catching 37 fish including 3 personal bests for Rob in one day. The best Mirror was 45lbs, best Common 36lb, 2 Catfish best 60lb 8oz and the Diamond back twice. Kerry had never fished before and was encouraged to give it a go, did she catch, oh yes.

The total weight was 940lbs with an average of 25lb. A great weeks fishing by good angler's and we enjoyed your company throughout the week and hope you are still making the chutney Kerry and say hi to the boys for us. Looking forward to seeing you in late October Rob and Mark.

Our next week we welcomed back the Newberry family, Jackie, John and Joe and for the first time Joe's girlfriend Katie. They had a good week with several personal bests and a total of 32 fish including best Mirror of 33lb 3oz, best Common 26lb 2oz. Jackie and Katie had never fished before and Jackie had a lovely Grass Carp of 27lb 10oz as well as a few other fish and Katie had a Mirror of 21lb 11oz, the Diamond Back was caught twice and two Catfish, the best equal lake record to Joe of 76lb 8oz.

A few of the smaller carp graced the bank this week which was nice to see, especially as they all seem to be making good weight gains. The total weight was 748lbs for an average of 23lb 6oz. It was great to see you all again and a pleasure to meet you Katie, we look forward to seeing you all again next year. Please pass on our best regards to the rest of the family.

Following on were Paul O'Brien, Paul Fryer and for the first time here James White so how would their week pan out. Another good week with 33 fish caught, best Mirror was 39lb, no Commons caught, best Grass Carp 32lb, best Catfish 72lb, no Diamond Back Sturgeon and 1 Pike of 10lb, again several personal bests caught. The total weight was 945lb 4oz for an average of 28lb 8oz. It was nice to see you guys again and a pleasure to meet you James, look forward to seeing you again next year.

Our next week we welcomed newcomers to Woodpecker the Brookes family, Helen, Alan, Kelly, Christopher, Halle and Alex, we have known them for several years so it was nice that they wanted to come here and give it a go. The catch for the week was 21 fish including a few personal bests, the best Mirror was 42lb, best Common 36lb, best Grass Carp 28lb 10oz and best Catfish 62lb 10oz, no sturgeon again this week.

The total weight was 569lb 14oz with an average of 27lb 4oz. Thank you very much for your company and for the children playing with our grandson Jamie, we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Our next guests were the Wiltshire family, Janet and Alan here for the fortnight joined by Paula, Anthony and Carys from middle of the first week to the middle of the second week. Alan fishing days and then when Anthony arrived they fished a few nights, most of the fish coming during the hours of darkness. The total was 30 fish including a few PBs, the best Mirror was 45lb 5oz, best Common 35lb 7oz, best Catfish 66lb 3oz and the Diamond Back a couple of times. The total weight was 939lb 12oz for an average of 31lb 5oz. Thank you for your company once again and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Our next guests were the Cheshire Ratcatchers, good friends of ours, Jan, Steve, Lisa and Chris they had a tough week last year so what would happen this time around. No less than we would have expected, Steve and Chris are good anglers so we expected a great result. They had a total of 48 fish including a few PBs including best Mirror of 44lb 3oz, best Common of 36lb 11oz, one Grass Carp of 28lb 8oz, best Catfish 69lb 8oz and the Diamond Back twice. There were 7 doubles, 22 x 20s made up of 21 Carp and one Grass Carp, 11 x 30s, 6 x 40s made up of 2 carp, 2 catfish and the Diamond Back twice, 2 x 60 plus Catfish. The total weight was 1452lb 8oz for an average of 30lb 4oz.

Great result, thank you for your company once again, Lisa and Chris look forward to seeing you again next year, Jan and Steve see you both again in October.

Now onto our final report for this newsletter and we welcomed back Jan and Cid Ross and Margaret, also this time Cid's son Trevor for his first time here. You may remember when Cid was here last they had every season in a couple of days, snow, hail and freezing cold plus some sunshine so how would their week go this time around. The fish were mainly feeding at night and Cid and Trevor were only fishing days but they still had some nice fish including several PBs, best Mirror 35lb 15oz, best Common 30lb 4oz, best Catfish 66lb 8oz plus the sturgeon and a nice Pike of 13lb 10oz. The total weight was 272lb 7oz for an average of 34lb. Thank you for your company once again and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Well that is the end of this newsletter and we are very near the end of the season, we have one or two more friends still to see before we get into the work around here for the winter, will update you over the final happenings later in the year and judging by what is being caught at the moment it will be an interesting newsletter!!

All the very best to you all and stay healthy and happy till next time.

Sue & Doug



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