Newsletter September 2007

News from Woodpecker Pool September 2007


When we left the last the last newsletter we had Carol, Tadj, Rebecca, Ivy and Roy part way through the first week of their two week holiday, only Tadj fishing and while he was doing that the rest of the family were out sightseeing, at the end of his first week he ended up with 26 fish including 12 x 20s, 9x 30s, 1x 40lb plus catfish and 1x 50lb catfish at 56lb 6oz. The best mirror was 31lb 2oz and the total weight for the week was 747lb 13oz for an average of 28lb 12oz.

Tadj also had an excellent second week with a total of 39 fish including 29 x 20s, 7x 30s, 2 x 40lb plus catfish to 46lb 8oz. The best mirror was 30lb 2oz, best common was 31lb 2oz for a total weight for the second week of 1046lb 12oz with an average of 27lb 9oz, the rest of the family spent their time again the second week sightseeing.

Thank you for sending the pictures by email Tadj and for your custom we look forward to seeing you next year when you are at La Folie and also when you return to Woodpecker in 2009.


18th August we welcomed the Warren family for their first time here, Toni, Steve, and their two sons Sam age 12 and Tom age 10.

They had a terrible week weather wise and we felt really sorry for you Toni as you were stuck indoors most of the time whilst Steve and the two boys had a great time catching some excellent fish. Sam and Tom are a real credit to you both, they never complained about the bad weather and it is really refreshing in this day and age to see two young boys out in the fresh air instead of being stuck in front of a computer or watching TV all the time, call me old fashioned if you like but it is nice to know that there are some who still enjoy the outdoors. Anyway enough of my ramblings lets get onto the catch for the week, Steve and the boys had a total of 38 fish including 18 x 20s, 7 x 30s, 2 x 50 catfish with the biggest at 56lbs, the best mirror was 34lb 6oz and the best common 31lb 8oz and all three sturgeon. The diamond back sturgeon now has a new nickname given to it by the Warren’s, Diamond Doug!!!! Enough said.

The total weight was 1061lbs for an average of 29lb 14oz, great result in awful conditions. It was great to meet you all and we look forward to seeing you all again in the future, we will try and order you some good weather Toni.


Moving on now to the 25th August we welcomed back Kath, Ron and Eric (Ron’s Dad) along with friend Steve for the first time and they were here for two weeks and the weather had become more settled with plenty of warm sunny days.

Only Ron and Steve fishing but Kath did have a couple of fish. Kath, Ron and Eric had a few days out during the fortnight but Steve was very reluctant to leave the lake.

They had very settled weather for the most of the holiday and some very good fishing.

The first week they had 36 fish including 18 x 20s, 12 x 30s and 1 x 50 catfish at 51lb 13oz, the best mirror was 32lb and best common 32lb 4oz. the total weight for the week was 920lb 14oz with an average of 26lb 12oz.

Now onto their second week beginning the 1st September and the weather has remained consistently good. They had another excellent week with a total of 62 fish and two NEW LAKE RECORDS, both to RON. The catch included 34 x 20s, 20 x 30s, 1 x 40lb plus catfish and 1 x 60lb 1oz catfish, new lake record, the best mirror of 36lb, new lake record. The total weight for the week was a staggering 1648lb 7oz for an average of 26lb 9oz. What a great fortnight and thank you all for your company once again. Sorry I did not have as much time to spend chatting with you Eric this year but I did enjoy the time I had. A very big thank you to Ron and Kath for the provisions from the UK and thank you to Eric for the Eccles cakes. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.


 8th September we welcomed back Jean and Keith, on their own this year so how would they do after the onslaught of the last two weeks. As you can imagine the fishing was somewhat slower but they still managed to catch a few fish only doing the days.   They both had new personal bests and the catch was a total of 18 fish including 8 x 20s, 8 x 30s, 2 x 40s catfish to 43lb 8oz. The best mirror was a fish equalling the lake record at 36lb to Keith.

The total weight was 549lbs 8oz for an average of 30lbs 8oz.

Thank you for the things from the UK we really appreciate it, thank you for your company during the week and we look forward to seeing you both next year.


15th September it was the turn of the Newberry family, John, Jackie, Lee, Joe, Carley and the girls, Molly and Lily. John, Jackie and Joe came last year so how would they all do this time.

They had a good week catching 36 fish for a total weight of 969lb 12oz for an average of 26lb 14oz. John wanted to catch a catfish as he had not had one last year, anyway he went one better catching the only two of the week at weights of 46lb 8oz and 57lb 2oz, well done John. They had 17 x 20s, 3 x 30s all carp plus the customary sturgeon.

Sorry we weren’t around a lot during the week but we were fishing also at La Folie.

A very big thank you Joe for emailing the pictures, we really appreciate them and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.


Thank you all once again for leaving the chalet and grounds in excellent order.


Well that is all for now, only a few more weeks to go and we have reached the end of a very successful second season and we thank all our customers for making it so.


All the very best till next time.


Sue and Doug.

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