Newsletter November 2014

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter November 2014

It is that time of year again and another wonderful season has drawn to a close, we have had great people here again this year and made some new friends, lots of fabulous fish caught and most of you who have been this year have again beaten your PBs, some of you several times over. A few of the weeks have seen outstanding catches of fish and with no nights fished all season. The lake has produced several lake records again this year, we haven't got 60lb, 70lb and 80lb carp but what we have got are Carp to 50lb+ in pristine condition and several Catfish over 100lb as well as the Grass Carp and not everyone's favourite we know the Diamond Back Sturgeon (Captain Chaos) he is now affectionately known as. It was never our intention to have a lake full of huge fish but what we have strived for is to have some big fish, which are huge in a lot of people's eyes and to have a good variety of carp of different strains, some picked not because of their potential to grow big but for their looks with some stunning scale patterns, we feel that we have achieved what we set out to do and will continue to manage the lake to give the fish it contains the best possible chance of achieving their best possible weights in a comfortable environment but Woodpecker is not all about pounds and ounces, it is far more than that. The fish have done far better than we could have ever hoped for and all of our friends that come here, old and new appreciate what we have here. Now lets move on to the final catch reports of this season.

Into September now and we welcomed back Jan and Cid for their second visit this year, sadly son Trevor could not join them this time. Only Cid fishing he had a good week catching 18 fish. The catch was made up of 1 Catfish of 88lb, the Sturgeon once and 16 carp, 1 x double, 7 x 20s, 6 x 30s and 2 x 40s.

The best Mirror was 44lb and the best Common 40lb 8oz. The total weight was 604lb 4oz for an average of 33lb 9oz. Thank you both for your company once again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

We now had two weeks off and during that time we had friends Lisa and Chris over for a few days. We managed to get several outstanding jobs done which gave Chris and I the chance to wet a line on a couple of days and Mark from Kingfisher was over and he joined us on one of the days. We had 7 fish, 6 Mirrors and 1 Common made up of 5 x 20s, 1 x 30 and 1 x 40.

The best mirror was 40lb 8oz and the Common was 23lb. A really enjoyable couple of days spent in great company. Thank's guys.

After the break we welcomed back Jen and Terry for their second visit, again just Terry fishing, no early starts or late nights he had another great weeks fishing. The catch included 1 Catfish of 110lb, the Sturgeon twice, 5 x doubles, 10 x 20s, 22 x 30s and 5 x 40s.

The best Mirror was 49lb 14oz and the best Common 39lb 8oz. The total weight was 1528lb 4oz for an average of 32lb 8oz. Thank you both for your company once again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

We are now into October and our next friends to visit were Dennis and Bradley so how would their week turn out. They had a good week catching 19 fish, again not fishing all of the time but out for a few meals during the week. The catch included 1 Catfish and New Lake Record, a massive fish of 127lb 8oz to Dennis, the Sturgeon once and 17 Carp made up of 1 x double, 8 x 20s, 6 x 30s and 2 x 40s.

The best Mirror was 42lb 1oz and the best Common 43lb 10oz. The total weight was 681lb for an average of 35lb 14oz. Thank you both for your company once again and congratulations Dennis on the capture of the Catfish, what a fantastic fish.

Our final week of the 2014 season we welcomed back Elsie, Terry and Anthony. A nice end to the season this week with some lovely fish caught and a lot of banter was expected this week and as always it didn't disappoint. They had a total of 27 fish including 1 Catfish of 112lb 12oz, the Sturgeon once and 3 Grass Carp with a New Lake Record of 38lb 4oz to Terry, well done, very nice to see as we had not seen any of the Grass Carp grace the bank since the beginning of August!! The rest of the catch was made up of 6 x doubles, 6 x 20s, 8 x 30s and 2 x 40s.

The best Mirror was 38lb 8oz and the best Common 46lb 8oz. The total weight was 871lb 2oz for an average of 32lb 4oz. Thank you all for your company once again and will look forward to seeing you again next year. On the Friday afternoon we ran the small net through a couple of times to remove some of the small silverfish, we were pleasantly surprised to see very few but what we got in the net was an even more pleasant surprise, a Zander in pristine condition of 11lb 8oz.We knew there were some in the lake but you rarely see them.

Well that is the end to another fabulous season and some great catch reports to finish the season on. We thank you all very much for your company and custom again this year and we cannot thank you all enough for your continuing support to Sue, myself and Woodpecker Pool, without that the effort we put in would mean nothing at all. We will look forward now to seeing all of you that are coming in 2015 and we hope you all have a good winter.

Till next time stay healthy and happy.

All the very best.

Sue & Doug




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