Newsletter November 2013

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter November 2013

Welcome to our final newsletter of the 2013 season but I'm afraid I have to start this off on a very sour note indeed. Most of our guests here have become friends over the years, returning year on year, we have a few who come every other year and so on and virtually over the years everyone has abided by our rules because they respect us, the place and the fish it contains. Unfortunately we have had a group return to us this season who have been to us on a couple of occasions and apart from an odd thing everything has appeared to be right. This year they did everything correctly when I was around but when I wasn't they decided for what ever reason, which is beyond me, that they would ignore the rules we have in place to protect our most valuable asset, our fish. It wasn't until they had left that I saw what they had been doing when left on their own. As you all know we always collect the photographs of the catches everyone has had during their stay with us, I downloaded the pictures from the cards from the cameras but did not look at them until late on the Saturday and was horrified, as I am sure you all will be at what I saw. Here is the list, dry cradles and slings, standing up holding fish for pictures with nothing underneath them, bleeding and damaged mouths and the fish covered in all sorts of detritus and to top it all of we found two rigs with barbed hooks, these were not there the week before so were obviously belonging to this group. Why would anyone treat such beautiful creatures in such a way. This is totally unacceptable and bending or breaking of our rules will not be tolerated. I have never seen our fish treated in such a way before and never ever want to see it again. They will not be returning here ever again, I just wish I had looked closely at the pictures before they had left. So if anyone wants to come here in the future all we ask is abide by our rules, they are there for a reason to protect our most valuable asset the fish, no matter what species, they all deserve our respect as angler's and give pleasure to so many people for so many years. Anyway now let us move on to the catch reports that you all want to read about and some really good ones there are.

Our next guests and good friends were the Brookes family, only Chris and Alan fishing and no nights fished they had a total of 19 fish including the Sturgeon twice, 1 Grass Carp of 29lb, 1 x 40, 5 x 30s, 8 x 20s, 1 double, 1 single and no catfish caught.

The best Common was 44lb, best Mirror 37lb, the total weight was 551lb 8oz with an average of 29lb. A good and enjoyable week although the fishing was a little tricky at times, thank you all for your company once again and look forward to seeing you soon.

Our next guests were Dennis and son Brad, they have not been for a while so we were hoping they would catch some nice fish. They only fished days and went out for meals a time or two. They had 24 fish in the week, the catch was made up of the Sturgeon 3 times (he has woken up again), 2 Grass Carp at 32lb and 34lb 6oz, 1 Catfish at 99lb, 1 x 40, 4 x 30s, 4 x 20s, 6 doubles and 3 singles.

The best Common was 40lb 9oz and the best Mirror was 38lb 10oz. The total weight was 664lb for an average of 27lb 8oz. It was a pleasure seeing you both again, thank you for your company and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Our next guests were good friends Jan and Cid for their second visit this year, Cid hoping to catch a new PB carp as he usually gets into the catfish but not this time he didn't have a single catfish all week but he did get what he had hoped for in two PB carp, Mirror and Common. The total catch was 17 fish made up of the Sturgeon once, 3 x 40s, 7 x 30s and 6 x 20s.

The best Common was 42lb 8oz and the best Mirror was 45lb. The total weight was 571lb for an average of 33lb 6oz. Thank you for your great company during the week and we look forward to seeing you both again next year.

Next we had good friends Pauline and Ern over not fishing just for a holiday but Ern likes to wet a line when he gets the chance so we took the opportunity to do a little bit whilst they were here for only a few hours on a couple of days. we had a total of 8 fish made up of 1 Grass Carp of 33lb 14oz, 1 x 40, 2 x 30s, 3 x 20s and 1 single.

The best Common to Ern at 41lb 8oz and the best Mirror 33lb 4oz. The total weight was 222lb 6oz for an average of 27lb 13oz. Good company and good fishing in that order, there is nothing better. Look forward to seeing you both again next year.

Following on we welcomed good friends Chris and Mike from Wales, Mike on his second visit and Chris who hadn't been for a couple of years due to family and work commitments, so how would their week turn out. They had a great week with no nights fished catching 33 fish made up of the Sturgeon once, 4 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 9 x 20s, 3 doubles, 6 singles and the Lake Record and first ever Zander caught from Woodpecker to Chris at 6lb 6oz, congratulations Chris.

Mike also had a New Lake Record Common of 46lb 2oz and at this moment holds 4 lake records,the Mirror, Common, Grass Carp and Catfish, absolutely staggering, congratulations Mike. The best Mirror was 41lb 12oz and no Catfish caught. The total weight for the week was 876lb 4oz for an average of 26lb 8oz. Thank you both for your good company during the week and we look forward to seeing you Mike next year and look forward to seeing you again Chris when you have the time and love to all the family.

Our season has now officially finished but we had a work party planned for the middle of October, not just here but at a couple of friends places also. The Allen family had offered to come out to help which was really appreciated and they were told they could fish when no work was planned, which they did. They had a total of 19 fish made up of the Sturgeon four times(he knows Winter is coming, sorry!!), 1 Catfish of 88lb, 2 x 40s, 3 x 30s, 5 x 20s, 3 doubles and 1 single.

The best Mirror was 40lb 8oz and the best Common and New Lake Record to Terry of 46lb 6oz, congratulations Terry and well deserved. The total weight was 618lb 12oz for an average of 30lb 15oz.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with the work party in no particular order, Helen, Alan, Elsie, Terry, Anthony, Lynsey, Jim, Andrew and Mark, a great effort and a lot of hard work done by everyone we really appreciate your friendship and all of your help.

That is the end of another fabulous season for Woodpecker, new lake records and lots of personal bests. Thank you all for your friendship, loyalty and company through the past year, we hope you all have a good winter, tight lines to those of you who fish right through and stay healthy and happy.

All the very best to everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone again next season.

Sue and Doug


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