Newsletter May 2007

Woodpecker Pool first newsletter 2007

Our first angler’s arrived on the 7th April they being Alison, Gary, Helen and Dave.

Gary and Dave after the carp and catfish, Helen fishing the float for the roach etc and Alison just relaxing.

The fishing went well and Gary and Dave had a total of 47 fish for over 1400lbs the average was 24lbs, best carp was 31lb 14oz and the best catfish was 31lb 7oz, Helen caught a lot of roach, rudd and perch and a small bonus pike.

The blue sturgeons now have names given to them by Gary as they were caught quite a few times, DUMB & DUMBER!!!!!  What more can I say.

It was good to see you all and look forward to seeing you again next year.


14th April saw the arrival of first timers Paul and Chrissie. After the trauma of losing some baggage they settled into a relaxing week. The fish were playing hard to get but they managed to catch some with the best carp being 24lb 4oz, catfish 9lb 2oz and of course the customary sturgeon. The average was 22lb.

It was nice to meet you and we hope we see you again in the future.


21st April saw the arrival of three guys I know well, Lee, Peter and John. I had fished with Lee and Peter on a syndicate lake up in Cheshire and John along with Peter and Lee (they were a duo weren’t they, sorry I digress) are members of the club I used to help run. Good angler’s these guys so my hopes were high for a good result and they didn’t disappoint. A total of 73 fish for a weight of 1733lb 10oz with an average weight of 23lb 12oz. The best carp was 31lb 4oz and the best catfish was 41lb 8oz. Again the sturgeon all three of them a few times.

Great to see you and chat about old times and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in the future.


28th April and it was the turn of Sue, Andrew, Helen and James, first timers at Woodpecker so how would they do?

They did well with a total of 54 fish for 1352lb and an average of 25lb 4oz. the biggest carp was 32lb 4oz and the biggest catfish 49lb but the best fish of all for me was an original perfect leather of 6lb, only small but I am sure it will grow, thank you Jim. We have several smaller originals in the lake but they are rarely caught so this was very nice to see.

It was nice to meet you all and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next year.


April was a glorious month for weather and angling results but what would May bring?

Unfortunately a lot of cold wet weather but still some very good results.


5th May saw the return of the Macclesfield lads, well two out of the three that were here last year and this time joined by a lass. The party was Carl, Robert (alias Fred), first timers Paul, Ed and Helen. Carl and Fred had fished our opening week last year and did well but what would they do this time?

They did all right but did not catch quite as many as last year.

Here is the result, a total of 40 fish for a total weight of 1065lb with an average of 26lb. The catch included 5 different thirty pound carp to 32lb 4oz (not bad for a Sea angler Ed first time carp fishing and I would still like to know how you put that lead up at the top of the poplars!!!!) best catfish 43lb 15oz and of course the Sturgeon.

Look forward to seeing you next year guys.


12th May saw the return of Oliver and Susie. It was good to see you two again, you are a great couple.

Shame about the weather but you still managed to catch some nice fish.

The result was 26 fish for a total weight of 631lb 3oz with an average of 25lb 3oz including a new lake record common and personal best of 33lb 14oz for Oliver who also had a PB mirror of 32lb 6oz  and catfish to 34lb 8oz. Susie had a PB mirror of 22lb  plus the fish she wanted to catch again, the diamond back sturgeon at a top weight of 20lb 1oz. well done to you both and we are looking forward to seeing you again in July and also meeting your parents Oliver.


19th May saw the return of Scott (super hero, see below!!!) Woods, fiancée Kathryn, Jon and two first timers to fishing in France, Carl and John so would good fortune smile on them?


It did indeed with several personal bests throughout the week but I suppose the best one was for John, as I said earlier first time fishing in France and his first fish was a new lake record and first catfish ever for John at a weight of 55lb 8oz followed very quickly by another of 40lb 8oz. well done John.

All the others in the group had some lovely fish and PBs with a total for the week of 39 fish a total weight of 978lb 12oz and an average of 25lb 12oz. The catch included 7 x 30lb plus mirror carp to 35lb, catfish to 55lb 8oz and the customary sturgeon and again one of the nicest fish from our point of view a small common carp of 3lb.

Sue and I wish Scott and Kathryn all the very best for their forthcoming wedding in July, have a great day and I hope you will forgive me Scott for the picture but it had to be done, blame the rest of your party not me.

We look forward to seeing you all again next June.

Well that is it for now it only leaves us to say thank you to everyone for the way the grounds and chalet have been left and for your custom and to you all for the photographs of the fish caught, these are invaluable to us to see exactly how the fish are doing and for future stockings.

We are looking forward to seeing everybody who has still to come to Woodpecker this year, old and new customers alike.


All the very best till next time,

Sue and Doug.

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