Newsletter July 2015

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter July 2015

We hope you are all keeping well and our season has been under way for a while now and we are nearly mid July already, really don't know where the weeks go. The weather has been more settled in the last few weeks with a lot of days in the low 30sC with a few days in the high 30sC, clear skies and long sunny days. We have had the odd thunderstorm as you would expect but mostly an electric show and very little rain. The fish spawned and made it difficult for the angler's who were here at the time but we all know this can happen and unfortunately the fish don't have a set "spawn by date" and we cannot control that but it is really good to see them get this out of the way once again. Some lovely fish have been caught since the last newsletter so let us now move onto the catch reports.

Our first angler's here for this newsletter were Nicky and James, we know them both well as they have been several times over the years, we had not seen James for a while so it was nice to catch up once again. They had quite a tough week numbers wise but both had PBs and a couple of lake record fish which has always got to be a bonus. They had 12 fish in all made up of 4 x doubles, 3 x 20s, 2 x 30s carp, two catfish of 113lb 8oz a new PB for Nicky and 128lb 8oz a new PB for James and New Lake Record, well done to you both. Nicky also had the Sturgeon at 48lb 8oz it's top weight ever so also a new PB and another New Lake Record. The best Common was 16lb and the best Mirror was 38lb 5oz.

The total weight was 501lb 12oz for an average of 42lb 10oz. It was great to see you both again, love to all the family Nicky and all the very best James and please pass on our best regards to your Dad. Hope to see you both in the not too distant future.

Our next guests and friends were Scott and Jon, they have been many times so after a tough previous week how would they go on. Well they had a good week catching a total of 32 fish included 7 Doubles, 8 x 20s, 11 x 30s and 1 x 40. They also had 3 Grass Carp to 39lb 2oz and 2 Catfish at 96lb and 115lb 8oz.

The best Mirror was 42lb 4oz, best Common again was 16lb. The total weight was 1072lb 4oz for an average of 33lb 8oz. Thank you for your company once again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Here next were regulars Adam, James and Dave joined by Glenn for his first time here, so how would their week pan out. Again it was a tough week numbers wise but they managed to catch some great fish with a few personal bests. The total was 17 fish and the catch was made up of 7 x Doubles, 2 x 20s, 3 x 30s and 1 x 40, they also had 4 Catfish, 2 x 104lb 8oz, 112lb 8oz and 121lb. The best Mirror was 38lb 5oz and the best Common was 44lb 10oz.

The total weight was 750lb 8oz for an average of 44lb 2oz. You may remember Adam did a naked lap of the lake in the dark when he caught his 40lb+ Common, well they tried to convince Glenn that it was a rule that if you caught a 40lb common you had to do that but Glenn was having none of it however Dave thought he would do something different, see him below in his stars and stripes Mankini!!!

Apologies if this offends anyone but Dave is a great guy and full of fun, please note no person or creature was offended or hurt by Dave during his display. Your a braver man than me Dave. Thank you all for your company and laughs during the week, will look forward to next time!!

Next we welcomed good friends Jan and Sid and for the first time here Sue and Chris. Sue had never fished a lake before only ever fishing a river for Trout and she had gone game fishing and caught a Sailfish so this would be a totally new experience. Some lovely fish caught this week a total of 27. The catch was made up of 6 x 20s, 15 x 30s and 5x 40s and also one Catfish of 105lb. the best Mirror was 46lb 8oz and the best Common 46lb.

The total weight was 1002lb 12oz for an average of 37lb 11oz. Sue really enjoyed her new angling experience. Thank you all for your company during the week and the couple of evenings we spent at the restaurants. Looking forward to seeing you again in September Jan and Sid.

Following on were the two John's, John T and John M, again regulars to here so what would their week have in store for them. An excellent week with again some stunning fish caught, 40 fish in total including 5 x Doubles, 14 x 20s, 14 x 30s and 2 x 40s and 2 Catfish of 93lb 8oz and 124lb. The best Mirror was 40lb 12oz, the best Common was 47lb and the best Grass Carp was 35lb 12oz.

The total weight was 1237lb for an average of 31lb. Thank you both for your company and the banter along the way once again and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

For the final report for this newsletter we welcomed back good friends Sue and Andy with Lisa, Gavin and their new baby son Jonah. On the Friday of the previous week the carp decided it was time for them to spawn and with the weather also being very hot I was expecting it to be a difficult week for Andy. Sure enough it turned out that way but Andy, Lisa and Gavin still managed to catch some lovely fish but low numbers. They had a total of 14 fish made up of 4 x Doubles, 4 x 20s, 4 x30s and 1 x 40. The best Mirror was 37lb and the best Common 42lb.

The total weight was 336lb for an average of 24lb. Thank you all for your company during the week and Jonah is a delightful little boy. We will look forward to seeing you all again next year.

We have come to the end of our latest newsletter, again some stunning fish caught, some weeks have been more difficult than others to tempt the fish due to spawning or weather conditions but that is fishing. Sue and I are looking forward to seeing those of you who are still to come this year.

Until next time take care and stay healthy and happy and we hope the fishing gods smile on you.

Sue & Doug

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