Newsletter July 2013

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter July 2013


We are now in July and at last it looks as if the summer has arrived in the last few days with lovely cloudless sky's and temperatures into the high 20sC, long may it continue. Some fantastic catches already reported this season and there are some great ones in this report also so hear we go.

Our next guests here were John Turner and John Morris, John T is a regular and John M on his second visit to us so would the fishing gods smile on them or would it be hard going lets find out.

They both had every intention of fishing through the night but they didn't bother as they had so many stunning fish through the daylight hours and a good nights sleep to boot. The total catch was 32 fish including 1 Grass Carp at 30lb, 1 Catfish of 82lb and wait for it 9 x 40s made up of 8 different fish, this is the most 40lb carp Woodpecker has produced in just one week, absolutely wonderful and could not have happened to two nicer people, 4 Commons and 5 Mirrors of which one of the mirrors was a repeat capture, absolutely staggering, also they had 10 x 20s and 5 x 30s and the rest of the catch was made up of doubles and singles.

A great weeks fishing by anyone's standards and deservedly so. The best Common was 43lb and the best Mirror was 45lb 8oz, the total weight was 1009lb 10oz with an average of 31lb 8oz. Thank you both for your company and the chats through the week and Sue and I are so pleased you had such a good week. We will look forward to seeing you both again next year.

Next on are regulars and good friends the Allen family, Elsie, Terry and Anthony so what lay in store for them this year as they normally turn up something special in their time here every season especially with the Catfish but with the weather still all over the place we didn't know what would happen. Well it was quite strange this year as it was role reversal for the brothers as Anthony normally catches more of the catfish and Terry usually catches the better carp. Fishing days only in their first week Anthony caught no catfish but Terry had two, one of 98lb 12oz and a New Lake Record of 105lb, wonderful and big congratulations Terry. The biggest carp of the week and a Common to boot fell to Anthony a New Lake Record and a top weight for this fish at 45lb 12oz, mind blowing and big congratulations to Anthony. Their total for the week was 21 fish made up of the two catfish, the Sturgeon once, one Grass Carp at 28lb 6oz, 7 of the new small single figure fish, 2 doubles, 5 x 20s, 1 x 30 and the one 40 the Common. Anthony had a severe ear infection which was affecting his balance quite badly so I was asked to help out with holding the Common and a couple of the catfish for the photo's which I was more than pleased to do but I think my ugly mush spoils the pictures somewhat!! Be careful what you say!!!

Although not a large number of fish which was mainly down to the very up and down weather but two new lake records in a week is exceptional. The total weight was 551lb 12oz with an average of 27lb 9oz.

Their second week again only fishing days with the weather still all over the place so the fishing was still very up and down they managed another 20 fish, the catch was made up of the Sturgeon once, one Catfish of 100lbs 8ozs, 2 Grass Carp to 29lb 4oz, 4 singles, 8 x 20s and 6 x 30s, the best Mirror was 34lb 12oz and the best Common 36lbs.

The total weight for the week was 591lb 12oz for an average of 25lb 12oz. A good week considering the conditions with some lovely fish caught. Thank you all for your company and the banter during the fortnight, we hope your ear problems are sorted out soon Anthony and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Our next people here, regulars and friends were Mark (our web site guru) with girlfriend Karen and Mark's Mum and Dad, Marg and Phil. Good angler Mark and with the weather settling down a bit our hopes were high and we weren't disappointed. Only Mark and Phil fishing ably assisted by Marg and Karen, again only fishing days they had a total of 54 fish made up of 3 different Catfish of 96lb, 97lb 12oz and 103lb, one Grass Carp of 28lb, 11 singles, 4 doubles, 16 x 20s, 16 x 30s and 3 x 40s Mirrors. Mark asked could he use a centrepin reel on one rod for a bit of fun with the carp, knowing Mark's capabilities I said fine but I really hope you don't hook a catfish on that rod, as it turned out he had 10 carp and no catfish on it thank goodness but it was a pleasure to watch him play the carp with a traditional centrepin.

The best mirror was 45lb 2ozs and best Common 38lb 8oz, the total weight was 1511lbs 8ozs for an average of 28lb, a fantastic weeks fishing by anyone's standards. Thank you all very much for your company and chats and cups of tea during the week, it was a pleasure to meet you Karen and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Our final report for this newsletter is for Scott and Jon's week, they have become friends over the years so how did they go on after such a brilliant week previous to them. To be honest it was tough going but they said they thoroughly enjoyed the week and it wasn't all about catching lots of fish, being there is what matters most. They had a total of 13 fish including the Sturgeon at 46lbs 8ozs three times (He's woken up again!!), one Pike of 10lb, a PB Catfish to Jon of 91lb, 2 doubles, 4 x 20s, 1 x 30 and a 41lb Mirror to Scott.

The total weight for the week was 432lbs 4ozs for an average of 33lb 4oz. It was great to see you both again and thank you for your company and chats through the week and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

You will have noticed that a number of the smaller carp we stocked earlier on this season have now been caught and we were hoping by the end of the year some of these fish would be into double figures, well there are a few of them that are already there in four months, what will they be at the end of the year we don't know but if they carry on growing at this rate who knows what they will be, another very interesting time here at Woodpecker.

Sue and I would like to thank everyone of you that have been already this year for your friendship, custom and loyalty, we now look forward to seeing those of you that are still to come this year and wish you all good health and happiness because without these we have nothing.

Till next time.

Sue & Doug





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