Newsletter July 2010

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter July 2010

Doesn't time fly it only seems five minutes ago since we were sending out the last newsletter and you know they say what a difference a day makes well in this instance it could not be truer. You will remember from the last newsletter that we had snow on the 6th May with freezing cold temperatures and also hailstones, well that really did upset the fish as they were in the throws of spawning at the time, with that combination the fishing went really downhill unfortunately for our guests that were here at the time and took some time to recover.
A lot of people get it in their heads that carp in France are different to the UK, what I mean is that they are easier to catch, sometimes they are but they are still carp after all and can still be hard to tempt at times.
Lets move on and tell you of the results over the last few weeks and you will see what we mean.

1st May and we welcomed back Jan, Cid and Margaret, only Cid fishing but with some of the fish spawning and then the weather taking a massive downturn he had a very hard week.
Cid only managed one fish all week and this was for not for the want of trying as he did everything he could but to no avail. It is such a shame when a combination of things happen but we are sure when you return in September things will be a lot better, just hope it did not put you off too much and we always say to everyone we can't change the weather or influence what the fish do. Thank you for your company and we look forward to seeing you again in September.

The next week 8th May we welcomed for the fist time here the Walker family, Mum and Dad, Sylvia and Tony and their two sons Stephen and Christopher, they told us when they arrived that Stephen was the only carp angler and the others were just pleasure angler's and were looking forward to the experience, so how did their week pan out.
Fishing still very up and down but they lost a few fish and banked 13, the best Mirror was 30lb 2oz, best Common 28lb 12oz, best Grass Carp 27lb 4oz, the Diamond Back Sturgeon and no Catfish. They all had personal bests and the total weight was 348lb 8oz for an average of 26lb 10oz. It was a pleasure to meet you all and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Following on from the Walker's for their first time here were some friends of ours, Janet, Alan, Tracy, Sid and Peter. We were really looking forward to this week as we had not seen them for some time so it was nice to catch up. The fishing had still not massively improved but they managed to put a few nice fish on the bank during the week and unfortunately lost a few along the way. They had a total of 17 fish with the best Mirror at 35lb 10oz, best Common 27lb 2oz, one Grass Carp at 26lb 2oz and one Catfish an Albino at 13lb 8oz, the total weight was 395lb 6oz for an average of 23lb 4oz. Thank you for your company during the week and look forward to you returning again in the future.

Our next angler's here are no strangers to Woodpecker as they have been several times before, Scott, Jon, Dave and Karl so what would the fishing gods have in store for them.
Yet another tough week although it did produce three new PBs for the group. They had a total of 13 fish including best Mirror of 32lb, one Grass Carp of 25lb and best Catfish of 68lb 4oz. The total was 379lb for an average of 29lb 2oz. Always a pleasure to see you all and look forward to seeing you in the future.

The end of May now and still no signs of the fishing really improving so what fortunes would the lake hold for our next guests Jim, Mick, Bradley and for the first time John.
I am afraid yet another very tough week with only 6 fish landed including a couple of PBs, a few fish lost along the way which made it even tougher. The best Mirror 30lb, one Grass Carp of 30lb and a Catfish of 64lb. The total weight was 184lb for an average of 30lb 8oz. Again it is a shame it was such a hard week, lots of different things tried but the fish would have none of it. Thank you all for your company and it was a pleasure to meet you John, really hope it has not put you off coming again but as they say that is fishing otherwise it would be called catching.

Now into June and we welcomed back Sue and Andy Rudduck, they have been several times and generally manage a good result, Andy is the one who likes to catch Catfish with attitude!! At last the fish started to respond and only Andy fishing, only fishing days had some really nice fish, 24 in all. The best Mirror was 39lb 8oz, best Common 35lb 4oz, one Grass Carp at 26lb 6oz and best Catfish at 55lb. The total weight was 693lb for an average of 28lb 13oz. It was great to see a few more fish hit the bank at last and thank you both for your company during the week and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Our next week the 12th June was a week we had decided to have for ourselves as since we have owned the place we have never had the time to spend down at the lake for any amount of time only working or snatching a few hours on odd days to fish mostly in the winter months. The intention was to fish mornings from about 6am till midday and then from 6pm to around midnight, which is what we did. We were joined part way through the week by Claire and Mark of Kingfisher Pools who were out doing some work and a little bit of fishing there so we invited them over. We were also joined for a couple of days by friends from the UK Heather and Tony who are fishing here later in the year.
What a great few days we had fishing from Monday evening until Friday lunchtime, we lost one or two fish but ended up with a total of 37 fish with the best Mirror at 36lb 8oz, best Common and new PB to Mark at 37lb and best Catfish of 65lb. Claire had a PB Mirror of 36lb 2oz and Tony managed a PB Mirror of 30lb 8oz. The total weight was 995lb 2oz with an average of 26lb 14oz.
There is nothing finer in life than to be in great company and to catch a few nice fish in that order. Thank you all for your company for those few days it was magic.
There was a sad end to the week as on the Friday we received some very sad news that Harold Cooper a very good friend and angling companion had passed away after a long battle against cancer. Some of you have met him down here or will have read about him in previous newsletters from our times fishing at La Folie or here at Woodpecker. There is only one word to describe this man and that is Gentleman, you are sadly missed old friend and we will hold all the memories dearly, tight lines wherever you are.

For our final report for this newsletter we welcomed back friends Jen and Terry Ringshall. Terry was here for the first week on his own, Jen joining him for the second week so what would happen in their time here.
Terry had a great week the first week catching 20 fish, he had never caught a 40lb carp before and had 3 different ones this week at 40lb 8oz, 42lb 8oz and the best at 45lb 12oz.

Absolutely wonderful, no Commons caught this week and his best Catfish was 63lb 8oz. The total weight was 669lb 11oz for an average of 33lb 8oz. So after a fantastic first week what would week two hold.
The second week was slower in comparison but he still caught some exceptional fish. The total was 11 with the best Mirror at 34lb 6oz, best Common 30lb and then the fireworks, 3 Catfish over 70lb, three different fish of 72lb, 75lb and the New Lake Record of 76lb 8oz.

Absolutely staggering, he also had one of the Albino Catfish. The total weight was 449lb 10oz for an amazing average of 40lb 14oz. Terry always says catching the fish are a real bonus but the main thing is just being here. Thank you both very much for your great company and laughs once again and we look forward to seeing you again in September, oh by the way Terry the gillies fees have gone up!!!  You were missed this time John but see you also in September.

Well we have come to the end of this newsletter, a lot of ups and downs in it with some really tough weeks and some really good ones, unfortunately that is how fishing can be some times really great highs and sometimes lows but in the end everything usually evens itself out. We look forward to welcoming those who have still to come this year and a very big thank you to you all who have already been.
Just one thing before we go the weeks are filling up quickly for 2011 so if you would like to come next year please get in touch as we would not like anyone to be disappointed.

Stay healthy and happy till next time.

Very best regards,

Sue & Doug


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