Newsletter February 2010

Woodpecker Pool Newsletter February 2010

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well and your Winter has not been too bad, we have had what is for us a long Winter this year but not as bad as you seem to have had in the UK, temperatures down to -10c here which is quite mild for us but you in the UK have had temperatures down to the -20c plus, that is really cold as those are the temperatures we normally get here.

We have some tree and groundwork to do before the season starts and that is not far away now and we are looking forward to seeing everyone who is coming this year. What will Woodpecker produce this season, this is in the lap of the gods as always, but we hope to have another good season with plenty of happy customers and friends.

We have removed the remaining Blue Sturgeon as he was being caught far too often and was getting damaged, it was no good for the fish and not fair on the angler's to be catching him more than the carp and catfish that everyone comes here for, he gave a great fight every time he was hooked but is now enjoying his retirement.

The Diamond Back sturgeon is still in the lake and is a beautiful fish that does not get caught as often and is now over 40lb, we have also removed half a ton of silver fish as their numbers were growing too much and we will be removing more of these at the back end of this year.

With removing these fish it has given the lake the room to introduce a few new additions for this season in the shape of Grass Carp to 26lb 6oz a few more Commons to 33lb and Mirrors to 22lb including some very pretty ones, so it should be interesting.

Sue and I were back in the UK this last week to catch up with family and friends, we had a great time and it was really good to see those we managed to see, however we are very pleased to be back in France now to a calmer way of life although we do miss all our family and friends.

We like you are looking forward very much to the start of our fifth season, where have those years gone we don't know but they have been great meeting so many nice people, so until we see those of you who are coming later this year and to all the rest of you we wish you all the very best for now.

Sue & Doug

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