Newsletter August 2007

The latest news from Woodpecker Pool, August 2007

The weather has still been very up and down no really settled periods at all so the poor carp don’t know if they are coming or going as they are used to very settled weather in the summer here but this is still not happening.


Onto the fishing we welcomed Terry, Anthony and their Mum Elsie fresh from their week at La Folie on the 30th June for their first visit to Woodpecker. They had like most people this year very up and down weather but managed to bank some very nice fish during the course of the week. They had a total of 31 fish including 5 different 30lb mirrors to 32lb 12oz, this fish was caught by Elsie, in her words you must try harder next year boys. The catch also included 16 x 20s, a few catfish to 34lb 14oz and the now customary sturgeon a few times. There was only 1 common caught and that was a nice fish although only 4lb it was nice to see this. The total weight for the week was 682.2lbs with an average of 22.7lbs

Thank you for your company throughout the week and the lovely comments in the book, we look forward to your visit next year.


On the 8th July we welcomed first timers to us part of the Julian Gostling road show, as they had all 3 lakes for this week, La Folie, Kingfisher and Woodpecker. The members of the party here were Adam and his girlfriend Michelle, Jamie, James and not forgetting Dave from the good old USA.

They had a very up and down week fishing wise catching a total of 16 fish including the sturgeon 4 times, with the best carp being 24lb 6oz and the best catfish 40lb, included in the catch were 4 x 20s for a total weight of 298lb with an average of 20lb.

Thank you to you all for the company and laughs during the week and hopefully when you return next year the fish will be more obliging.


14th July we welcomed back for the second time this season Oliver and his bride to be Susie, this time also with Oliver’s Mum Lorraine and Dad Nigel for their first time here. Nigel is a trout angler, or fluff chucker as I prefer to call them, so how would he do with the challenge of carp and catfish? They had a great week catching a total of 28 fish including 21 x 20s with the biggest and personal best mirror falling to Nigel at 29lb and a new personal best mirror of 27lb 4oz to Susie, 4 x 30s including a lovely personal best 31lb 12oz common to Susie and the best catfish of the week and personal best again to Nigel at 39lb 4oz and also the 3 sturgeon a few times. The total weight was 729lb with an average of 26lb.

Thank you all for your company and the comments in the book, it was a pleasure meeting you both Lorraine and Nigel and we hope you return again in the future. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Oliver and Susie all the very best for their wedding in December, have a great day and we wish you a long, healthy and happy marriage, we look forward to welcoming the new Mr & Mrs Jennings next year.


The next week the 21st July it was the turn of Paul O’Brien and Paul Fryer two first timers to Woodpecker, what would the week hold for them?

Well apart from a very up and down week with the weather, with sun, cloud, torrential monsoon rain, as you would expect the fishing was erratic to say the least but they managed to catch some excellent fish. They had a total of 21 fish including 12 x 20s, 6 x 30s including two different 35lb mirrors, 1 x 40lb catfish and the best catfish of the week at 53lb 8oz, plus just the one sturgeon!!!!. The total weight was 593lb 8oz with an average of 28lb 4oz. Thank you both for your company and comments and we look forward to seeing you both again next year.


On the 27th July we welcomed back Betty, Jim and Toto (the Maltese Terrier, a great little dog). Sadly on the Sunday they received some very bad news that a close friend had passed away suddenly so the fishing was not that important from that point on.

Jim however did manage a few hours and caught 5 fish the best being a catfish of 53lb 10oz. Thank you both for your company and comments and we hope the pain of your loss will ease with time. We are sorry you cannot return next year but hope to see you again in the future and thank you very much for your custom over the last two seasons.


Now into August and it was the turn of Carol, Tadj, daughter Rebecca and Carol’s Mum and Dad Ivy and Roy for their first visit and they are here for two weeks. As I write this it is the Thursday of their first week and up to now the lake is fishing quite well. Only Tadj fishing and not 24/7 he has had some really good fish including catfish to 56lb, mirrors to 31lb and a lovely common of 31lb 12oz and also the sturgeon a time or two. How will he end up? We will have to wait until the next newsletter.


Well that is all for now so till the next time keep well and enjoy your fishing wherever it may be. And finally a very big thank you to everyone for the way the chalet and grounds were left; Sue and I really appreciate it.


All the very best till next time,

Sue and Doug.

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