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Customer Comments 2018

May 2018 Karen, Megan and Lee

Great to be back at our/my favourite place, with fantastic fishing and a very special couple. It doesn't get any better than this.

Love you both so much. Thanks for your company and help. Lee xx

Love being here, our home from home. Sue & Doug thanks for a lovely time. Adopted Grandparents to Megan!

All our love, Karen and Megan xx

May 2018 Sue and Andy

Another year in paradise. Thank you so much Sue and Doug.

Au Revoir till next year.

Love, Sue and Andy xx

May-June 2018 Elsie, Terry & Anthony

Another great weeks fishing, enjoyed the company, hope next week continues in the same way.

Another week in paradise. xx

2nd week

Lovely two weeks holiday, Sue & Doug their usual friendly, helpful selves.

Epic wins and losses combine to make great fishing.

Wildlife was it's spectacular sideshow as usual.

Many thanks.

July 2018 Stephen and Roger

Very enjoyable holiday- exhausted. Thank you Doug for help with the cats.

Have a sign in the chalet- sorry can't help with cats- too old!!

Thank you both for an excellent weeks company and fishing.

July/August 2018 Karen, Mark, Charlotte, Marg & Phil

Thank you Sue and Doug and of course Claire and the boys for making our holiday so wonderful.

Its been a fantastic two weeks and we cannot wait to do it again next year!

As always we felt so welcome, its just like coming home!

September 2018 Karen & Lee

I just love being here. Words cannot explain. I can't thank you enough Doug your help and great company. Love you so much.

Thank you Sue for spending time with us, it means a lot. Love you both so much and I can't wait to be back. xx

Loved our time in paradise! Love the company of our extended family, Sue & Doug.

Thanks for everything, love you both loads.

all our love, Captain Pugwash (AKA Lee) & Karen xxxxx

September 2018 Scott & Dave

Another fab week thank you.

Great to see you both, you do make our break very special.

All being well.... See you in 2019.

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