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Customer Comments 2013

13th April 2013 Peter Openshaw and Lee Madsen

What a week just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you Sue & Doug see you in 2015.

20th April 2013 Jen and Terry

What a week, don't get any better than this.

Never cease to be amazed at what Sue and Doug have achieved here!

On top of which they are such lovely people.

No early starts or nights fished.

Slowed down a bit 2nd week but I needed the rest anyway.

Had a great time and can't thank you enough Sue & Doug.

11th May 2013 Jan and Sid

Great week thanks Sue & Doug

18th May 2013 John and John

9 x 40s in one week! Fantastic fishing with great company.

Really enjoyed ourselves and can't wait for next year!

25th May 2013 Elsie, Terry and Anthony

Another great week, the fishing was hard but the company was great and who can complain at two lake records.

Be back soon.

Week two.

Back again, another strange week, weather was more settled but the fishing wasn't.

Quality fish more than made up for our lack of numbers.

See you soon and thanks for the banter. Thanks Sue for the company, chats and shopping.

15th June 2013 Marg, Phil, Mark and Karen

Doug and Sue, as always the standard of fishing was out of this world. What the weather took away the lake returned tenfold.

Thank you for an excellent week and for your help and advice when it was needed.

See you next year!

22nd June 2013 Scott and Jon

Dear Doug & Sue,

Thoroughly enjoyable week thank you.

Fish didn't play ball, but you can't control the uncontrollable's.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2014. Thanks for the advice, conversation and company.

29th June 2013 Sue, Andy, Lisa & Gavin

Another wonderful week at Woodpecker with Doug and Sue, great hosts and the fish continue to amaze us.

PB Common and Lisa caught her first carp.

6th July 2013 Adam, Dave, James & Graham

Thanks Sue & Doug for another superb week in your back garden, was absolutely fantastic to be back again.

See you soon, love the boys.

20th July 2013 Sarah, Nicky, Ruby and Maddie

Well what can we say, you've got it all, the weather, the views, the fish and top class hospitality.

Thank you both so very much, we will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later!

We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we've come away and have gained new found friends for life.

27th July Mike and Phil

Many thanks for another great week at Woodpecker. The weather was hot but so was the fishing.

Looking forward to coming back in September and again next year.

24th august 2013 The Brookes Family

Thanks very much for a great week, hope to see you again soon.

Halle and Alex want to say a big thank you to Jamie, they've had lots of fun this week.

31st August 2013 Dennis and Brad

Great week as normal, very hot and sunny and no nights fished.

Really enjoyed ourselves, see you next year. Thanks Sue and Doug.

7th September Jan and Cid

Same as usual "Fantastic"

Thanks Sue and Doug

28th September Chris and Mike

Thanks again for a great week.

It's been too long since the last one.

Thanks to Sue & Doug







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