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Customer Comments 2010

20/03/2010 Mark, Jenny, Charlotte Brown and John Rohr

What spectacular fishing for March! Lots of fish and good weather.

As always the hosts with the most made the trip that bit more special.

Thanks Doug and Sue.

3/04/2010 James Parkyn and Nicky Mills

Thanks to Doug and Sue for a brilliant week(yet again)

Fishing was very hard at times and the weather against us for most of the week it made things that little bit harder.

All the fish caught were immaculate. Three PBs broken and a new lake record Mirror Carp of 47lb 11oz.

All we can say is thank you very much and looking forward to next time.

10/04/2010 Elsie, Terry and Anthony Allen Week 1

Another great week. Fishing was excellent, good weather and great company.

Thanks for everything and hope the season continues well.

The Allen Family

17/04/2010 Elsie, Terry and Anthony Allen Week 2

Last week was fantastic but this week got even better.

The fishing was truly amazing, fish in fantastic condition.

Great weather and the hosts live up to the high standards of accommodation and fishing.

Highly recommended and thanks for two great weeks in a fishing paradise.

See you next year.

The Allen Family

24/04/2010 John Owen and Steve Pawluck

Amazing weeks fishing with a total of 90 hooked fish 66 landed.

01/05/2010 Jan and Cid Ross and Margaret

The weather and fish were not kind to us this time but as ever Sue and Doug were!

We hope the weather is kinder to you this week! See you in September for round 2 with the fish.

Love, Jan, Cid and Margaret.

08/05/2010 The Walker Family (by email)

Hi Doug and Sue,

Just a short note to let you know we all arrived home safely. We would also like to add that even though we found the fishing slow, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Best of luck with everything.

The Walker Family.

15/05/2010 Janet, Alan, Tracey, Sid and Peter (by phone)

Thank you for a great week, we had a great time and we will see you in a couple of years.

22/05/2010 Scott, Jon, Karl and Dave

Very tough week for fishing, weather very variable. All fish in lovely condition though.

Lovely to see you both again, hope you have a great season.

29/05/2010 Jim Parkyn, Mick & Bradley Joyce & John

Probably the hardest weeks fishing. Weather bad first few days then scorching hot, fish didn't respond to anything.

Shame but still a fun week.

05/06/2010 Sue & Andy Rudduck

Another lovely week. Doug and Sue great hosts as ever.

Great fishing although the weather was up and down, mostly down!

Looking forward to next year and my appointment with the big cat.

12/06/2010 Sue & Doug, Claire & Mark Doran, Heather & Tony Evans

This is the first time that Sue & I have spent a lot of time down at the lake fishing since we have owned it.

We were joined part way through the week by Claire & Mark of Kingfisher Pools and also for a couple of days by Heather and Tony, friends from the UK.

No nights fished, fishing from 6am to midday and from 6pm to Midnight. Finished fishing Friday at midday.

A fantastic weeks fishing spent in great company.

19/06/2010 to 03/07/2010 Jennie & Terry Ringshall

1st week superb with real quality fish. 2nd week a little more difficult but still exceptional fish with exceptional accommodation.

Can't thank Sue & Doug enough for their hospitality and help and if there is a paradise this place must run it close.

Thanks for everything again and we look forward to seeing you again in September.

03/07/2010 Dennis & Bradley Phillips & Barry Watts

Hard weeks fishing, very hot also fish spawning.

Great lake. Thanks Sue & Doug. See you soon.

10/07/2010 Jacky, John, Molly & George Turner

We have had another fantastic week with you this year and we are very much looking forward to

seeing you both again next year even though John says the fishing was hard!!

17/07/2010 Kerry, Rob, Claire, Mark and the boys.

What a great weeks fishing, only fished part of the days and no nights.

3 Personal bests in 1 day!!

Thanks to Sue & Doug for everything and look forward to seeing you soon.

24/07/2010 Jackie, John, Katie & Joe.

Well what a great week we have all had again. This is our 4th year and the first time I have fished (Jackie) and I have really enjoyed it.

I didn't know if I would like fishing but what a great experience.

Sue & Doug have been absolutely lovely as usual, thank you Sue for our day of shopping, you couldn't wish for a nicer couple.

See you next year for a fortnight.

I was my first time here (Katie) and would just like to say I had a lovely time, in a lovely place and was brill!

Sue & Doug made me feel so welcome. Loved the day shopping too.

Thank you so much, see you next year.

14/08/2010 The Brookes Family

We have had a fantastic week, fishing brilliant, accommodation and company brilliant.

See you again next year! In a word 'Paradise'

21/08/2010 The Wiltshire Family

A very good time spent fishing and only half the nights were fished.

Several Cats lost, just powered off and smashed the rigs, carp were targeted not cats but that's fishing for you.

This was our fourth year here and as always Sue and Doug provide good company and excellent accommodation.

Woodpecker will see us again in 2012.

04/09/2010 Jan, Steve, Lisa & Chris


Nothing else to say.

Love you both.

Jan, Steve, Lisa & Chris

11/09/2010 Jan, Margaret, Cid and Trevor

A wonderful week once again!

Thanks to Doug, Sue, Stephen and Jan for their help and company!

See you again next year! xxx

18/09/2010 Jennie, Terry and John

Great doesn't describe the fishing and the hospitality was again fantastic

Thanks Doug and Sue for everything it seems to get better every visit, but again as I always say being here is the important thing.

Your company and the fish are the real bonus.

Lots of love, Jennie, Terry and John.

25/09/2010 Heather, Tony, Chris and Ian

Our week has far exceeded all our expectations. The whole set up is a great credit to both of you.

Thank you both for your hospitality and we all look forward to seeing you both again next year.

With all our love, Heather, Tony, Chris and Ian xxxx

From Tony AWESOME!

02/10/2010 Susie and Oliver

Lovely relaxing week as always in great company.

Struggled to get into the fish although we didn't fish that many hours.

Thanks for a great week Doug & Sue.

Oli and Susie.

10/10/2010 to 15/10/2010 Lee and Peter

Difficult week but some great fish and company, we look forward to seeing you next September when we will hopefully be back to a trio.

Great to see 2 lovely special friends again. Next time can't come soon enough.




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