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Customer Comments 2007

07/04/2007 Gary, Alison, Dave and Helen.

Fishing superb, thanks to excellent hosts Doug and Sue, we will see you next year.

14/04/2007 Paul and Chrissie Wiltshire

Our thanks go to Doug and Sue for a wonderful stress free holiday, the advice, help and kindness they showed during our stay, too short hasten to add will always be appreciated. Hopefully to return in the future. We wish Doug and Sue every success with Woodpecker's truly delightful Chalet and fishing venue.

21/04/2007 Peter Openshaw, John Grubisic, Lee Madsen

Fantastic holiday and venue. Look forward to returning very soon. Nice to catch up on old times and thanks for all your assistance. The facilities are A1. Peter

Absolutely brilliant, don't want to go. A fantastic venue and surroundings, great hosts and excellent fishing, definitely coming back. John.

Fantastic fishing and the best hosts. See you both soon. Lee.

28/04/2007 Andrew and Sue Rudduck, James and Helen Nicholson.

Beautiful place to stay, Doug and Sue very good hosts, very helpful. Helen and Sue. Superb weeks fishing, so good in fact we have already booked for next year. Andrew and Jim.

12/05/2007 Oliver and Susie

As usual the fishing was excellent with personal bests being caught again. Thanks again Doug for some invaluable advice helping us again improve our fishing.

Superb hosts and it was great to see the family again, can't wait for our second week in July.

26/05/2007 The Wiltshire Family

Great location and lake, lovely hosts who ensure a good fishing holiday by providing superb accommodation.

Shame about the weather, cold and wet, it seems the monsoon period came right in the middle of the rainy season. However as Arnie says I'll be back.

Good luck and continued success to Sue and Doug in their venture.

02/06/2007 Can't catch carp crew, Mark, Peter, Les & Paul

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Doug and Sue for letting us catch some of their fantastic looking fish, looking forward to coming back.

09/06/2007 John Graves and Terry Ringshall

Well you can't control the weather and you can't make the fish feed but you certainly know how to make people feel comfortable!

Good luck Sue & Doug, we had a great time, see you next year.

16/06/2007 Beyond Hopeless, Peter, Howard, Jim, Mark and Dave.

An unfortunately barren week, 2 of the party fished almost 24/7 but we think the fish were on holiday.

Thanks to Sue and Doug for their warm hospitality.

23/06/2007 Alan, Lorraine and Andy Gaskell, Andy Kaluso and Kate.

Not a record breaker but still a very good week in totally unseasonable conditions, weather changed daily but it was good to still catch the biggest catfish in the lake.

Only Alan could go on a carp fishing holiday and catch nothing but sturgeon.

Lovely Chalet, checking diaries for next year. Thanks for your hospitality.

30/06/2007 The Allen Family

Nice location, good fishing (the boys may beat me next time)

Sue and Doug were so hospitable, very friendly and helpful. Nice to be welcomed by total strangers to me and hear the banter between them and the boys.

Really enjoyable holiday, look forward to next year. Many thanks to Sue and Doug.

Elsie, Terry and Anthony.

21/07/2007 Paul O'Brien and Paul Fryer

There were 6 PBs during the week. Two days of rain did not deter us.

The fish caught were absolutely superb. Excellent accommodation and fantastic lake, thanks to Doug for the tips.

Hope to see you again soon.

Regards, Paul and Paul.

27/07/2007 Jim and Betty Rostron + Toto

Had some bad news the day after arrival so fishing wasn't a priority, but really enjoyed what little fishing managed.

As usual Doug and Sue were lovely hosts and accommodation and lake were first class.

P. S. Still got a big catfish.

Best regards Jim, Bett and Toto.

04/08/2007 Mikowski Family

PB Cat, Sturgeon and Common.

Fished two nights but they have not been productive. Have enjoyed the fishing in our first week as Cats have put up an incredible fight.

Carol, Rebecca and Mum and Dad have had some great days out with nice sunny days. Looking forward to next week.

Second week.

Fished two nights, one night very productive, only fished one rod and had five fish.

Catfish harder this week as only showed on one day.

Doug has been a great help in advising me both on the lake and general fishing tips.

Carol, Rebecca and Mum and Dad have thoroughly enjoyed themselves again this week. They have been out every day except for one over the last two weeks and have had a great time especially as we had some lovely weather. Brantome was great also the caves at Villers.

18/08/2007 The Warren Family

Fantastic,excellent, brilliant, and the fishing wasn't bad either!

Doug your a top man and we will be back ASAP.

Sue thank you for the lovely shopping trip, it made my week! Take care both of you.

All our love, the Warren's

25/08/2007 Kath, Ron, Eric and Steve

Warm but windy all week. Our thank's to Sue and Doug.

We'll be back next year for new records!!

08/09/2014 Jean and Keith Taylor

Great, Great, Great, Doug and Sue what can I say. See you next year.

15/09/2007 The Newberry family

Great week, can't wait till next year.

Had some good days out. All the best from us all.

29/09/2007 The Dean's

Thank's for everything Sue and Doug, spoilt again.

Really appreciate all the help, especially Andy who's learned a lot.

Can't wait for next year.

10/10/2007 The Whiley family

Thank's for another great two weeks and both of you are still great people.

We have broke our PBs and my Catfish I have waited a year for and I was glad you were both there to see me catch it and we are back next year.

Love and Best wishes to both of you.

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